When the Chinese eat their Young

Chinese are competitive.  Painting with a very broad brush, only somewhat tongue in cheek, they’ve ruined education in America, Australia and everywhere else.   They’ve violated the “Spirit of Education” in America. 

“Football on Friday night?”  Nope, gotta prepare for my violin class tomorrow.

“TV time at night?”  uh-uh.  Have a twenty point quiz tomorrow.

“Ride my bike in the neighborhood?”  You already know the answer.

Quite frankly, Chinese take the fun out of studying.  It’s not supposed to be this intense.

Reading Catcher in the Rye doesn’t impress anyone anymore.

Life?  Same thing.

Kids…teenagers….are supposed to play…hang out.  Enjoy life before the word “mortgage” is in their vocabulary.

Instead, we have a brilliant young girl down the street that has Latin at 6:30am every morning at the local high school.   When I walk the subdivision at dusk I often hear the sound of a piano from another house crashing through the walls, raining upon my ears. 

Life in America isn’t supposed to be this way.  So unfun.  Dreary. 

Kids are supposed to be auditioning for a play….preparing for volleyball practice…
The Chinese(and Indians) slice through Middle America like hot butter.   They leave nothing in their wake but ashes and dust of what was once projected to be a happy childhood for average American kids whose hope of an idyllic day was a bike ride in the park, not a day studying geometry. 
Think the Terminator.   This wave of merciless competition is simply tearing American society asunder.  And you know it's probably happening in your country, too. 

Chinese and Indians raise the bar in the local schools.  This in turn causes neighboring schools to raise their own internal standards.  It’s a never ending upward spiral.   Don't believe me, just go to your local Science Fair.   Everywhere complicated Science Projects are to be seen, supposedly done by the 3rd grader themselves....(but to steal a quote from that Great Western Skeptic Bill Cosby....."right!")

The days of a 4.0 GPA being the model for excellence are long gone.  Kids today now have a 4.3…a 4.6!  Why? 

The better to differentiate and segment all the high school kids from each other.   Tell me the wave of Chinese and Indian immigration hasn’t had anything to do with that?

My 8 yr old just recently received a mediocre score on her test.  What was that test?
Greek Democracy!   Pity the 8 year olds that can’t properly express on paper the difference between direct and representative democracy….!

My wife is a party pooper.

When it’s Friday night and the kids want to watch Cinderella 2, but can’t because they have piano tomorrow and mom can’t be seen losing Face….well that’s a Party Pooper.

This wave of immigration of Chinese and Indians has spoiled the party.  What party you may sarcastically ask… the Party of Mediocrity?  (yeah, that, too)   Thanks to this wave of immigration, into it’s second decade, at least…. “old school” Americans are now forced to “keep up”.    The pace…the speed…(for lack of a better word), the intensity of American life is now being driven by these two ethnic waves crashing upon us.

The days of the Head Cheerleader being the Class Valedictorian are over.

Find me a star linebacker and I’ll find you an average student.  Why? 

Only the kids without the team extracurricular activities are academically excelling these days.
How can it be there are so many damn Chinese and Indians within America’s borders today?  Are there not immigration quotas? 

Well…maybe there are…(go look it up), but there is no quota on how many people can come to America from abroad to study.  Call it Backdoor Immigration.  That’s what it is.  Cause as long as these folks can get a job afterwards, their stayin Baby.

And what of it?  Am I sayin’ I just don’t want them around here?

No, I’m not.  But if you are going to say there are no repercussions than you are willfully blind.

Dude, just look around.  Just fuckin’ stop what you are doing and Look Around!

If Colleges and Universities were allowed to go Public their stocks would soar.   Graduate programs….all the way down to private high schools are making a mint enrolling Chinese kids.  (America’s private educational system thanks you)

Thanks to this influx of folks, the middle class and beyond housing market has not collapsed.  Rental properties are in vogue.   If I wanted to sell my house the last thing I would need to do is call an agent.  All I need to do is knock on my Indian neighbors’ door.  They would sell my house for me in ten minutes. 

Housing market aside, what is the best side effect of this backdoor immigration? 

As a result of this influx, America technologically dominates the world like never before, and the gulf will get worse(not for us though)

Europe is actually in danger within a generation or so of becoming dangerously dependent economically on the United States, so great is the gap in technological achievement between these two places.  

Why do I say that?   Future economies will be based on technological prowess.  Simple as that.  Not on  anything else. 

Alas, after a thousand words….. we come to what I want to talk about.

Awhile back I read a comment in the paper about the deviousness with which Chinese will game the system.  (For example, moving their children their Senior Year in High School to a less competitive school with no or little Chinese, just so their child can be valedictorian and get into an Ivy League school. )

The subject of the article I was reading was yet another Tiger Mom. 
A commentator asked a simple question:

“What happens when Chinese have to compete against Chinese?”

“Who loses?”

Even worse…..

“How does that person deal with defeat?”

Well, I can answer that one for you:

Not very well. 

Not very well at all.

Chinese themselves understand the psychology of competing against themselves.  It’s very much akin to Capitalism in America 120 years ago.  A no holds barred scenario.  Ruthless.  Only the results matter.  It’s a downward spiral, with little space for enlightenment.  There are no “moral victories” amongst the Chinese.  Competition is a zero sum game.

(remember, Chinese culture isn’t about the journey….)

What is driving the Chinese entrepreneurial spirit in Africa right now? 

(The fact few Chinese are there!)

I see a stodgy looking Chinese fellow, with glasses, short and pudgy, walking our neighborhood every night.  He’s not in shape.  But he still does this on a regular basis.   When driving by, I wave.  He never waves back.   When we walk past each other, I do the “eye contact and smile” thing.  He doesn’t.

He’s a professor of Math, here at the local university.  And upon occasion he teaches at the local Chinese school, which is how my daughter knows him. 

His daughter made it into Harvard.  We were all impressed. In fact, she was the valedictorian of our local High School.  She won lots of recognition.  State Scholar.

This was to be her Junior Year at Harvard.

I say “was”.   

See, she’s taking a year off.  She couldn’t hack it.

WTF, you ask?

She couldn’t handle the stress.  Simple as that.   Excelling at everything locally, she found herself lost amongst a sea of other smart as hell kids at Harvard.    She simply cannot handle not “standing out”.  

As a result of not being Top Dog, she went into a severe depression and found she couldn’t function.    

Somehow along the path to greatness, and recognition, she was never given that speech from good ole’ Mom and Dad about “the journey”.    You know…”have fun”.  Get laid.  Meet people from other places.   Get a boyfriend.  “Try” things.   Sleep in.   Someone forgot to tell her it’s ok to get a “C” at Harvard.   Just graduate Dear.   (don’t some kids even drop out and do just fine?)

As I’ve mentioned frequently in the past, IQ will only get you so far.  Hard work…ditto.  But what happened to having a high EQ and “thinking smart” ?     Alas, the Chinese continue to eat their young.   It’s a sad thing when a college kid can’t have fun.   Even worse, when a college kid doesn’t know she’s supposed to have fun. 


  1. You can add the Koreans to this list too. Very competitive. Of course, there are casualties like the neighbor's kid, but the world is getting more difficult to succeed in all of the time. Too many native-born Americans are lazy and better wake-up as the world is passing them by. We don't live in the 1950's anymore.


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