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Update on the below:

You can spare yourself the video....the family of the fellow that was killed below will now sue for $10 million.  Apparently they could not reach a settlement.  Anyway, the family will get probably at least half that.

The original story is below......again, to make a point, it's The Rage to criticize the cops in America.  but let's be real:  This type of abuse happens in China a hundred times a day, everyday.  And everywhere else where there is no Free Press.  It's especially egregious in China because the cops don't have anyone else shooting back.  (Unlike in America, where even a mundane traffic stop can lead to a shootout)

And now the Chinese cops are increasingly being allowed to carry guns. (Scary)  Methinks it's the beginning of the end of gun control in China.  Trust me.  It will only be a matter of time before "guns for cops" get bought or smuggled out in larger numbers into the black market.


There was recently an incident in Oklahoma, USA, that caught my attention.  It seems to have caught the attention of others as well, that live beyond the borders of That Great State.  I share the actual video below, taken by the wife of the victim. 

The couple, along with their 19 yr old daughter were going to the movie theater, when the daughter apparently said something disrespectful to the mother, and in turn, the mother slapped the daughter.  Someone witnessing this event called the Police.

Upon arriving, the police questioned the family, and then did something that quite frankly, considering the circumstances of the case, I have to question:  he asked for the father’s ID.  The father, a 300 lb man, and out of shape, resisted.   Shows attitude.  Is  restrained by 5 officers,  has a heart attack on the spot and dies.

Here is the video:

Now, after hearing of this, I of course watched the video myself.   The video was taken by the wife, so in affect, she filmed the death of her husband.  

Then of course curious as to what the comments would be liked, I scrolled down.  Almost without question, people were criticizing the police.   I re watched the video.  Most of the officers were big, strong men, and one of them had his hand on the victims head, pressing down with force.  Another had his knee in the back of the victim.   Apparently, either the Victim was still resisting, or the Police were overcome with adrenaline, and were not sensitive to the body going limp.

In short, the Police took a situation, where constraint of the victim was perfectly justifiable, and turned it into a training video of how NOT to arrest somebody.   The Police were impervious to the possibility of an overweight, out of shape fellow dying on them.  Simple as that.  They were insensitive to the health of the Victim. 


What if the Victim had just done what he had been told?

The Officer on the scene made a fatal call: ask for the ID of the victim.  To my knowledge, this fellow was not wanted.  There was no outstanding warrant.   Also, I do not believe Oklahoma is a “stop and frisk” state.    The Cop had a family that was already tense, and embarrassed, by the actions of their daughter.  The Cop had every right to ask for the Dad’s ID.   But his lack of sensitivity as regards the intensity of the situation needs to be addressed.

You can look at this two ways:

Cop is to blame because he further inflamed, (rather unnecessarily) an already tense situation, by wanting to impress his authority onto the family.  Cop walks away.  Everyone lives.  

The Dad brought it upon himself with his “why you harassing me” attitude.  (see COP’s lack of sensitivity above)

I am not sure why the Officer asked for his ID.  But the Victim was “combative”.    If I had been in his situation, I definitely would have given him my ID, all the while asking “why you want to see it?” 

It’s quite the jump from mom slapping daughter to officer asking for ID.  We don’t know the whole story.  (Maybe the Dad told the cop to mind his own business?  )

I would’ve given it to him not just because I wouldn’t want to miss my movie, but because in front of my children, I’d like to set an example of how to behave.   (Daughter smarts off to MOM…gee, wonder where she got her disrespect of authority??)

As everyone in America knows, (and I’ve mentioned before) when a COP wants to talk to with you, just do what you are told, and end the situation ASAP!  I don’t know how it is in your country, but our cops are fairly badass.   The best way to end the situation as quickly as possible is to just do what you are told. 

(It's not easy being a cop. Don't believe me just read those rather unfair Youtube comments)

In America, 

Smarting off to a COP will not cut you any slack. 

You cannot talk any reason into a COP. 

The COP will have backup.  

You will not win a debate with a COP.

What is especially tragic is this story is full of “ifs”.  

If the COP hadn’t asked for his ID.

If the Victim hadn’t shown an attitude.

If the daughter hadn’t been disrespectful to her mom.

If the mom had not slapped the daughter.

If the people that saw the incident had just minded their own fucking business and let it alone. (there is a time to be nosey and a time to walk on by.  This was a time for the latter)

So now we come to China.

I’ve seen people slap cops, in China.  But honestly speaking, I think in a lot of situations, the cops in China can be more tolerant than given credit for.  I’ve done stupid things in my Youth.   I verbally abused a Chinese Cop when returning from Dongguan to Shenzhen, back when they had border inspections, and the kid wanted to see my Passport.   He let me go, and to this day I don’t understand why I said what I said, or how I got away with what I said.   I’ve dressed down Customs officials, without fear of reprisal. ( I can hardly  justify anything I said in Anger when I was 23)

My point is Chinese argue all the damn time.   And this may sound controversial, but I think the Chinese Police tolerate more verbal abuse from their own people than American Cops do. 

Why is that?  Some may think it’s a clever way to allow a society to blow off steam.   I just think it’s the way Chinese are.   It’s in their nature.  Police just aren’t as offended as American Cops are during a verbal confrontation.   And the Rule of Law isn’t as embedded within China as it is in America.  If Chinese Cops arrested citizens that “talked back” to a cop, the Police would never have time to get Real Work done.

The Chinese are a Pent Up People.  We know this.  It is not news.  Which brings me to Democracy.  Hell hath no fury like a country new to Democracy.  One Day China will be a democratic nation.   Let’s hope that’s a long time coming.  A day too soon, and chaos will reign in East Asia.

So I wonder if in China, I could get away with what this lady, the wife of the victim, got away with, in the United States?  She videotaped the death of her husband, and now it’s freely available on Youtube.   For all the world to see.  

Would she be able to say the same if she were in China?

Would her story ever be told?  On CCTV?

Of course not.   Her phone would have been confiscated, and she herself held for questioning, to avoid speaking with Media.  Truth be known there are probably dozens of events like this in Vast China, every single day.   Thousands of angry families within Society, bitter and unnerved, by the treatment they need put up with from Chinese officialdom, stirring with resentment and anger.  The freedom of our society to report abuses, and to humiliate overly zealous officials makes us stronger, and continues to be our best hope against abuse, by wayward officials. 

By filming this, this Lady bought her meal ticket.  The OKC Police failed the Test of Common Sense.   Now they have to live with it.  The knee in the back….the hand pressed against the head.  

The limp body.


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