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Behind the smile....Chinese tell it like it is.....

Thoughts of mainland Chinese that live in America, on America. We are smarter than you.   You know it, and we know it.   Black people are lazy.   Why do you treat them so well?   Send them all back to Africa.   No, we do not have any black friends, and no, my daughter will not be dating a black man.    Hispanics?   They are not lazy.   They cut my grass.  Why they have so many babies? America is a very racist country.   Why do we say this?   If America was not racist, all Harvard and Yale, and Stanford, would be Chinese students. Let the poor help themselves.   Stop coddling them.   It’s OK for America to have a vast and permanent   underclass with no hope of upward mobility.   20 or 30 million is nothing.   We have 300 million people in China just like this! We love America.   It is so clean, and the people so nice.   Someday this country will be ours.   Probably in 100 years.    China is strong.    We lie, we steal, it is all ok.   You bully China

Taxes? Who pays taxes?

Taxes.   The above is not only a verbatim quote from China Wife, but mimics what probably most all Chinese say themselves, on any given day.     The only folks to my knowledge who pay taxes in China are state workers and workers of large factories(ie Foxconn).   Nobody else.    Certainly not the millions of restaurants, barbershops, or any 2 nd or third tier supplier to a large company such as Foxconn.   I have already written about how China is more worried about global prestige and power, as opposed to taking care of its own internal inefficiencies(such as drinkable tap water).    Yes, yes, every country has its own internal shortcomings, it is true.    But China needs to be singled out because China has over a billion people.    And that’s that.   China could make up for its loss of GDP to corruption by simply making its tax collection more efficient, and modernized.   Yeah, I know China would have more tax evaders than it could handle.   Is there a nation where the pe

An overdue Fluff post

Time to put down on paper yet more random thoughts and directionless meanderings. Since I’ve done a fluff post I’ve seen a large uptick in both my Russian and Ukrainian readers. China as well, by chance.    I realize the time between posts has stretched out a bit, but when you write 2500 words a post, like I did in my last post….my longest post…..I figure you all need time to digest it.    And as many of you do, you go back to my older stuff, all relevant to present day.   The Pulitzers came out a few days ago.   Did anyone see mine?   Lost in the mail maybe?   For the past couple of years now, I’ve been talking about My Opus…..and I still haven’t written the damn thing.   It doesn’t help of course that you guys are all much more interested in the “relationship” oriented posts.     No one wants to read my take on…..anything else? OK….let’s talk: My daughter’s birthday.   While my older child can pretty much dictate who she wants to invite to her party, I se