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Urgent Personal Questions and Concerns for the Upcoming Glorious New Year!

My list of prompt concerns that have my immediate attention and must be immediately allayed! As regards my wife Will I perhaps receive oral sex or some type of variation(don’t ask) from you this coming year?   Anything?  Anything at all? Yes….being old doesn’t mean The Man(that’s me) has lessened his expectations in life.   There’s a reason men like younger women, dear.   Will I be allowed more than say two sexual positions (with you of course) in the upcoming Year of the Sheep? Of course I remember when I said “don’t worry as long as I get off its all good.” Well, honey, I was lying.  Why don’t you watch a little bit of porn sometime? Study up a bit.   What’s that you say?  There is a 10 point Math Quiz tomorrow that dictates 3 hours of study time, yelling and emotional abuse towards one of our kids?  Oh well, than, nevermind.  What are the odds of you growing your hair out long and sexy, like it used to be “back in the day”?  I need something to hold onto.

Please no Hongbao for Christmas

I find the Chinese like Xmas.  For different reasons perhaps.  They like the “lights”.  Creating cards. Sending cards.  Receiving cards.   Decorating the tree.(though, with everything else, I’ve found the longer I’m married, the less control I have over that as well) My wife, in short, has “gotten into” the “Xmas thing”.   We have lots of decorations, lights, etc.   She likes the Xmas music we play.  She even has a Xmas CD in the Lexus. In a moment I will rush out to the same place I always go, and try and find the same type of thing I usually try and find, ie jewelry.   My wife has long since stopped wearing her wedding ring.   (as have I….another post).   But she likes the other stuff I buy her, and she wears them all, so that’s fine by me.  So everything is kosher.  Except for one thing.  And that one thing is gift giving.   I seem to dislike the Chinese tradition of giving money for Xmas to my kids. We ain’t talking slipping $20 into an envelope either. Rather,

For a pocket full of dollars....

My apologies, as I've just returned from a trip, and well, haven't really been able to keep up.  I'm glad to see my readership really hasn't dwindled too much.  I do have a proper post coming in a few days, on a newer topic, another subject I've wanted to get out for quite some time. We've all heard the news of Zhou Yongkang. Here is a quick link that sums everything up nicely: Zhou Yongkang was a Son of a Bitch, with Chinese characteristics.  He is unrepentant.  He has confessed very little, and calls his arrest nothing but "political persecution".   Yet he is the modern day version of what one calls an Ugly Chinese.  He's had people killed.  And gotten away with it.   Representative of what the most powerful Chinese officials have become.   A caste onto itself, accountable to no one.  Above the law.   Still, he wasn't the one

Ten Years

Ten years is a long time.   In this case, a fantastically long time!  In case you are not a Yank, you wouldn’t know, or even care, but the word is out that Americans will now be granted 10 year visas to China.   In fact, some folks have already received theirs.   This is great news, mostly all around, but is also yet again a reflection of the naiveté that our State Dept has of China, and of Chinese. Let me state here I have no idea what restrictions will apply.  But it’s fun to speculate.   So here we go: First the good news.  Not sure about the rules of other countries’, respective of their visa requirements for Chinese, and vice versa, but for me it is the end of my perpetual nagging as regds “why I don’t have special status because of my….well…’special status’”.     Up to now, I’ve always been somewhat obnoxiously  (and nonsensically )annoyed at the fact that I “get treated” like everyone else that wants to go to China.  My wife is Chinese.   Why can I not get a Chinese

Quick upvote on a newer blog abt China and WW2...

Came across this today...cannot recall how...but pls go over to  and take a look. It's a niche blog....appears to have frequent, regular updates.  Looks like it will help to fill those pesky gaps most of us have in our knowledge base abt China. The authors do touch upon a subject I am currently preparing a post on...Ms. Meiling herself. Enjoy

The New Big Swinging Dick

So now I’m reading China has nearly $4 trillion in foreign reserves.  Not bad.  Does that makes China the futures next Big Swinging Dick (BSD)?   As I alluded to earlier that makes China scary.  There’s nothing scarier than coming across a person or entity that doesn’t want to be a “team player” and has the wherewithal to do things “his way”.  Why is that? The West is all about “The System”.  It’s The System that maintains peace.  Keeps order.  Allows harmonious relations between mature countries to continue.   Avoids bloodletting amongst major countries. I’m not talking about the Middle East.  Has anyone noticed that there really hasn’t been “peace” in the ME since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire?   Time and again we smile at ourselves, as a Western Civilization, when we bring “Peace and Order”(also known as Democracy) to countries that are strangers to this concept.   Like a Missionary giving a bible to an illiterate peasant, we feel we’ve done a good days’ work.  Tha


I haven’t had a “Fluff Post” in quite awhile.  Let’s first recognize some of those places that DO SHOW UP upon occasion.  Call them lurkers if you will.   Call me silly, but I just get A KICK out of some of these places(that I will probably never visit) that all take the time to hang out at MyChinaKanfa. Zambia….thx again for showing up.  No idea where you are on the map, but I know you are in Africa. Uganda….ditto…. Lithuania….my first thought is what happened to Estonia?  There was a time when I was visited by that place daily for like a year!   Slovakia….I’m sure it warms your heart to know my grandmother was a Slav. Iran… of my classmates in Chinese University was Iranian.  He brought us dates.  Very nice fellow, who simply did not get along well with our Chinese teacher.   I was impressed when his other Iranian friends would show up driving cars.   1990.  Long fucking time ago. Saudi Arabia….coming soon in another Post of mine. Brunei……is this

As regards Australia

The Aussies have been in the news lately.   For among other things(all below), many of them apparently disdain Halloween.  More than a few of them seem to think it yet another aspect of American Cultural Imperialism……??  (It’s only Candy and Kids!....btw, what’s a “lollie”?) Well, the Yanks pushing their sneaky ways upon yet another unsuspecting Culture aside, at least we are more than an arm’s length apart from each other.   Distance tempers annoyance.  Which is more than I can say for Australia and the Center of the Celestial Universe, er-hmm…..China. Is Australia the proverbial mouse at the foot of the Dragon’s Cave?  I dunno.  But methinks in a generation or two, the Aussies very much are in danger of becoming both culturally and economically dominated by China.  That is, Halloween may be the least of your worries. This topic has been on my list for quite awhile, and with the news that Australia is on the verge of signing a Free Trade Agreement with China, let alone do

Chinese Materialism and the $1000 Vacuum Cleaner

I overlooked the pricey tickets to Biltmore House.    I overlooked the cabin rental in the Mountains. Though it took two years, I did finally break down and buy a Lexus.  (I myself wanted something less….”luxurious”) But now my wife has bought a $1000 vacuum cleaner.  I don’t know what to say.   What does a $1000 vacuum cleaner look like, you ask? Well, it’s not Made in China.  German model, you see.  Top of the line(cleans dog hair!). The problem is this: I do not have a $1000 vacuum cleaner mentality.    Yes, I’ve been accused of being “cheap”.  Stingy maybe.  But am I the only one seeing my children’s tuition right around the corner?  A post 65 life?  My goal is not to be a Wal-mart greeter.   (Really, it’s not.) You see...this is easy to root cause.  This is simple to troubleshoot.  I do not have a $1000 vacuum cleaner background.   I do not come from $1000 vacuum cleaner STOCK.   When I was a boy my father made $1700 a month.  That was fo


Recently more excerpts from the vast trove of Wikileaks came available.  Remember, this is the very large number of classified cables and other documentation, all deemed “top secret”, that were deliberately leaked by an Army soldier a few years ago.  Its content was quite embarrassing to the West. Here are a few excerpts as regards China: China has “ defended the retention of the organs of suppression, meaning the Army and Secret Police, on the ground that as long as there is capitalistic encirclement, there will be danger of intervention ” from outside forces. True enough, China is indeed encircled.  Japan, Korea(moderately), even Vietnam are all “anti-China”, if you will.  Anti-Chinese feeling in Japan and Vietnam in particular is extremely high.  Of course, relations with Russia are doing very well at the moment.  Nothing to brag about, though. Further, the analysis continues…. “today the major part of the structure of Chinese power is committed to the perfection…

When the Chinese eat their Young

Chinese are competitive.  Painting with a very broad brush, only somewhat tongue in cheek, they’ve ruined education in America, Australia and everywhere else.   They’ve violated the “Spirit of Education” in America.  “Football on Friday night?”  Nope, gotta prepare for my violin class tomorrow. “TV time at night?”  uh-uh.  Have a twenty point quiz tomorrow. “Ride my bike in the neighborhood?”  You already know the answer. Quite frankly, Chinese take the fun out of studying.  It’s not supposed to be this intense. Reading Catcher in the Rye doesn’t impress anyone anymore. Life?  Same thing. Kids…teenagers….are supposed to play…hang out.  Enjoy life before the word “mortgage” is in their vocabulary. Instead, we have a brilliant young girl down the street that has Latin at 6:30am every morning at the local high school.   When I walk the subdivision at dusk I often hear the sound of a piano from another house crashing through the walls, raining upon my ears