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Soft landing my ass.

Soft landing my ass.  The disparity of wealth is here to stay, until implosion dictates otherwise. Hear I am, sitting comfortably with my coffee on a nice leather sofa, far from the sounds of any coming storm, hearing again that China needs a soft landing.  Won't happen.   And I'm not talking economically.  China is too far gone down the road of no return.  A decision has been made that it is easier to just take the money and run, than to stand and fight for reform. The disparity of wealth is so great, and the dispersion to change that would veer society towards a more equitable arrangement so entrenched, that it is indeed easier to just flee overseas with your begotten gains, than to stand and reform the unchangeable direction of Chinese society today. This is not what Deng Xiaoping envisioned. He did have the foresight to understand that some people would take advantage of their new opportunities to gain wealth, to the disadvantage of some.  He did envision abuse of t