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"America's too tough for me"

It’s hard being an only child from China living in America.  The daughter of a very high ranking government official and a mom that judges her son in law purely on how much he makes and the background of his parents.    You’d think China Wife grew up a tad lonely, no?  Uh-oh. If you remember, China Wife had no regrets growing up an only child.  She got everything she wanted, she claimed. And now she’s in America, caught up in a very large sea of other Chinese, flotsam all, in what is the most ethnic country in the history of mankind.   America has more immigrants per percentage of population than ever before.  The downside? China Wife has gone from being a “somebody” in China to being a “nobody” here.   Like many, many others, I’m sure it’s taken a lot to get used to. But this is no country for China Wife.  Here she must work a so-so job, for a boss with half her talent, who’s never been to China and has no interest of ever going to China.  On top of that her l

"I want a married man".....

She’s tall and dark, with the long hair to match.   She likes using that SW that is all the rage in China that helps China Girl look lighter than she is.   She’ll talk in a matter of fact way.  About China Guy taking her and her friends out to the club, spending their wads on a table and booze.   But China Girl goes home alone. She gets harassed by China Guys.  She blocks them, but never without a warning. Over the past ten years she has transformed from a mere college student(I didn’t realize I was pretty until I was in University), to having to simply say to China Guy(“you need to change your target”, cause it won’t be me). China Guy has tried to “pick her up” at the real estate office, and even simply while walking down the street, exiting the front gate of her apartment.  She was offered a job in Shanghai while simply window shopping.  “They wanted to take photos of my legs”, she exclaimed excitedly. Once she answered the phone during a casual walk only to be met wit

Why China needs SpaceX to fail

Several years ago the United States pointedly told Europe, Russia and Japan that regarding the building of the current Space Station in space and global cooperation that China could go “take a hike”.   America, right or wrong, was so convinced that China would use any and all technology gained from others during the construction and manning of the Space Station for its own military gain, that America bluntly excluded China from any involvement in the program.  It was in effect, “us or them”.   Chinese citizens are not even allowed to enter NASA facilities. One wonders now what the reply would be if America gave a similar ultimatum today? When the International Space Station began operations in 2000, Putin had only just become defacto leader of Russia.   ISS was agreed to during the tenure of Yeltsin.  If established during Putin’s reign, would he have agreed to excluding China?   And of course, with the perceived decline of America and perceived rise of China, one can wi