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Quick edit and update on my Hongbao problem

Earlier I had written a post on Hongbao for Xmas.  That is, the propensity for relatives or friends to give cash gifts to my children. I neglected to mention that we indeed this year did receive $483.87 cents each for my children, from the inlaws, for Xmas. My parents gave I think twenty bucks. On top of the above we received another red envelope from a moderately good friend of $200 each, for CNY. Now I know some of you are probably thinking that the hongbao should be considered a gift for BOTH Xmas and CNY.  Fair enough.  But $500 each per child? My thinking is to put all this money in a mutual fund or something.  Collectively, each child already has several thousand in their accounts.    As such, my kids are off to a good start.  I remember when I was 17 and self congratulating myself because after bills and everything I had cleared $100 in my account. IF your China Wife is into cash metric comparisons, you will probably lose.  Why is that? Because the majority of my

WAR is COOL revisited

Just wanted to update this a bit, based on what I've read these past few days.  The original post is below and of course is quite lengthy.  It's prob like alot of my longer posts and runs around 2000 words.  I don't write for anyone but myself so it's nice not to have to worry about "space" constraints. Remember, the theme of the below post was the "fear" people should have not of Chinese Nationalism per say, but of American Nationalism.  Nationalism being the root of many a war, from the Confederacy of the South to Japan in the 30's. I came across on consecutive days a couple of stories which in my view illustrates the below rather well. Here is a link to one story in particular: In short, the above regards how American History should be taught in the Great State of Oklahoma. One may also refer to this state as America's Version of North Korea.

China Hand Wannabe's

While I’m sitting here waiting for my wife’s menstruation cycle to end before I can have sex, I thought I’d knock this out.   You all know I look very much askew at anyone that is wont to call himself a “China Hand”, or “China Expert”, etc.  Especially us Americans.  We in particular have it in our DNA to want to be the EXPERT of SOMETHING.  Anything.     In the Past, there were without question true China Hands.  John Davies and John Service come to mind.  Sir Robert Hart perhaps being the more knowing of the bunch.  (When Cixi requests your appearance, you're a China Hand. )As China has changed, alas so have the requirements for a so called “China Man”!  Shall we pin our ears back and make a stab at the Modern Day Meaning of such a pompous phrase?  What attributes should such a person today have? Here goes: First of all, the first rule of being a China Man Wannabe, is to understand there are only Wannabe's. Nothing else.   "Love for China" will  only ge


Haven’t done Fluff in a VERY LONG WHILE. First the Readers. Sint Marteens…..I assume this is an island, but all the same, thx for showing up.   You were probably on holiday while checking me out, which is a bit scary/weird/abnormal….but you give me another name to add to my list all the same. Burma…..Portugal….welcome back!   Burma….it’s been awhile!   Good to see old friends….Finland, Hungary and Saudi Arabia(yep).   Don’t know about you, but it always tickles me when I see the Arabs in a club.  Trust me…..The Arab Men  LOVE China. Russia is probably one of the larger visitors to my blog, and I’ve seen an uptick from my readers there.  (Is it you guys that scared off Ukraine?) Still waiting on North Korea to make an appearance…. Newsblur and Feedly Technology has surpassed me.  I’m getting quite a few hits from these sites, and I’ve only now taken the time to check these sites out.    Glad to see my blog is listed.  Newsblur doesn’t seem as user fr

China's Greatest Con

( My apologies for my long absence away....travelling, etc, has taken my concentration off this blog for a bit.  As a post requires a certain level of prolonged concentration, I'm often tempted to just wait til I have a breather.....back to the blog ) Quite often when a laowai from abroad visits a Chinese facility, their contact will be female.  Usually a fresh college grad, pretty, with broken to decent English.  Rarely any significant understanding of the production process, or perhaps even of the product itself.  Rather, her role is to make you feel comfortable.  To put the laowai businessman at ease.  She will translate your needs.  She will host you for dinner.  She will smile that shy smile that makes you feel young again.  She is that quintessential “Charming Chinese Girl”.    However, I’m here to tell you that “Charming Chinese Girl” is a fraud.  A Myth.  Deceptive.  She may or may not be aware of her own company intrigue, legal or otherwise.  She may not be