China's Next Leader?

In April a fellow named Le Yucheng conducted an interview with America's NBC News.  It was a big deal.

Neither Chinese politicians nor diplomats frequently give interviews to the West.  And this is partially the blame of the West.   And also reflective of the inability of the Chinese Marketing Machine to make itself heard.  While the Chinese Narrative within China itself rules supreme, it falls upon death ears beyond its borders.

So it was surprising to see an interview take place, albeit in Mandarin.  While the Chinese Government, along with Korea and Japan, continues for some odd reason to strangely be unable to produce fluent English speakers to present their cause to the West(nevermind our even more glaring ineptitude to do the same, in their countries, in their language), it was still quite fresh to finally see a high Chinese government official coming out to speak to a foreign reporter.  Something Jiang Zemin used to do on a regular basis.

However, I don't want to talk a…

John Winthrop's Dumpster Fire

I posted on WeChat last week the SpaceX launch, and it was cool.  I remember as a young boy in my hometown the day  a 747 circled our city with a white plane on top.  It was the US Government introducing us all to the Space Shuttle.  I was in the park playing basketball.  We all stopped to take a look.

And yeah that was pretty cool, too.

For thirty years America had a Space Shuttle. Then some incompetent punk ass bureaucrat thought it would be even more awesome to let the Russians (Gasp!) take over the role of launching Americans into space.  How humiliating.  Utterly, fucking humiliating.  And that shit went on for nine long years.

So anyway I watched the launch, and Thank God nothing blew up.  And I posted a short clip on WC.

And I got zero likes.

And I wasn't all.

I think I've received zero likes only once before, and I can't even remember when that was.

The Chinese without question consider America not only their chief rival, but the main obstacle in th…

A country with no guard rails

One can easily tell if one has been to China.

Within the first few minutes of conversation said person will quickly espouse,

"China needs a dictator......"

One would be surprised how many people in positions of power have never visited the Heavenly Kingdom.   This particularly holds true for America, but probably within  your nation too

For if any of our "know it all" politicians had actually been to China(rather than just dropping into Hong Kong like Ted Cruz apparently did recently), then surely their criticisms would have had a tad more nuance.   A bit more sophistication.

Listening to ignorant people in America(usually our US Senators) talk about how bad China is, is quite embarrassing.   Readers of this blog know I'm not a suck up to China, but neither do I go out of my way just to "piss on" China either.

However, I think a country as important as China doe merit visiting the place, before making the decision to carte blanche criticize it.    And…

Mao was right, oh so right

In 1939 the vaunted Russian Army attacked little Finland.  A million men attacked.  Expected to last a several weeks at most, the Finnish Army punched far above it's weight,  and stopped the Russians "cold" in their tracks and inflicted heavy losses.  A hint of what was later to come against Germany, the Russians took it all in stride, but it was not until Spring 1940 that Finland finally capitulated. 

Alas, looked upon as weak and tottering, Germany attacked Russia.  Greatly underestimating the Russian ability to field armies, the Germans eventually lost.  Despite the horrific losses inflicted against them, the Russians simply kept coming. 

Russia wasn't so weak of course. 

Still, I cannot but help think that many an "educated" person may draw a similar parallel between the Russia of 1940 and America in 2020.

Never before has America seemed so incompetent.  So lost and directionless.  So authoritarian.  So help itself. 

This is not the Ame…

Why are Chinese Women so bad at choosing laowai husbands?

I've come across many Chinese women that have married laowai.

Some are happy.

Many are not.

As a crazy man married to a China Wife for a few decades now,  I've seen my share of unhappy marriages.   I'd love to talk about the many unhappy Chinese marriages themselves, but that would not be an exclusive club.  Many Americans are in unhappy marriages, Canadians, French, etc.  It is just part of life.  People grow apart.  I find the number of women however in unhappy Chinese marriages, with Chinese men however, to be proportionately higher.  I do

Alas, this is not the topic of this post.  And I've probably already written about it.  I'm closing in on 400 posts......I'd have to go back and look for it.

Instead, I want to talk about why in my view so many Chinese women have trouble finding the right laowai for them.

My answer is not language.   Sure, it would be great if many a Laowai could speak Chinese.  But doesn't many a Chinese Wife speak English?

And usual…

Quick rant on this damn virus and Trump

As luck would have it, I am indeed now in the medical supply business.  Currently stamping my authority on my two teams in the field. Two weeks ago I knew jackall about the medical supply business.  Now I feel it's more than middlin'.
You all know I mock Trump.  But no man is neither pure sinner nor saint.  But in good times any President can look good.  It's when times are of course bad, that dumbasses stand out.  And Trump is a dumbass.  His refusal today to announce a decision to divert our mfg resources to the "Cause" is more symbolic than substance.   His answer that he's not in the business of "nationalizing industries" is stupid.  However, I'm not upset at him for being stupid.  I've always known this.  I am upset at his advisors, such as Pence, obviously the more capable of the two, who fail to sway him.  But the books will come out someday about this time, and their grandchildren will be the one's having to live them down.  

This is where the story begins

For way too long I've talked about my daughters impending application to American university.  I've moaned and groaned about the countless 45 minute drives one way to a stupid, useless, money grubbing SAT training school, which itself wouldn't feel complete unless it could brag about all the young high school Chinese it had streaming in and out of it's low slung brick building day after day, especially on weekends.

Weekends I'd much rather spend watching football.  Or hiking, or quite frankly doing anything else.  Alas, there are no "soccer mom's" when China Wife is concerned, only "soccer dad's".   I make the drive.  The summer drives are the worst.  The humidity in the American South is not fun.  Not so much the stickiness but the constant need for air conditioning while driving.  Turn it off but for a moment....and in an instant it is hot again.

Often I am carpooling several kids.  Boys, girls.  All quiet and staring at their phones. …