Carthago delenda est!

(All, I'll be taking another leave from this blog.  I'll be back in China for a month on business and not able to post until the latter part of October.  Yeah, there are some editing issues with this post, but I'm too tired to fix them, or figure out how.   Pls keep your comments coming, I'll be sure to reply to them all!)

People like to talk about the Thucydides Trap. The war made famous by the Greek historian, describing the rivalry between the then dominant Sparta and the fledgling  Athens.
This took place in the 4th century BC.  It of course mirrors the so called situation today between America and China.  However, while we all consider America Sparta and China Athens, was not China the Sparta of its day?
For probably a millennium China was The Big Dog on this Tiny Blue Ball of ours.  Indeed, during the time of the Peloponnesian War, China though deep in a Civil War, the Warring States Period, probably could have easily more than rivaled the overall military power of …

By Request. Chinese Girls vs Hong Kong Girls

I swear I've written about this topic before!
So certain am I that the post could not be found......I searched high and low, alas it was nowhere to be seen.
350 posts will do that to you.
This is a topic with clear implications for both sides.  I've seen it closeup multiple times.
One day I noticed a loud noise.  Loud voices coming from the neighbor next door.  Eventually, I walked outside into the hallway and sure enough, there was an argument between the mother of my beautiful Chinese neighbor and her Hong Kong husband.  And the mother in law had left the door open for all to hear.   There was nothing we could do.  I wasn't the only one stuck with the noise.  Even when I stepped out for a part of the day and came back, it was still going strong.  You see he was a cop, and though he lived in China, he worked in Hong Kong everyday. 
It turns out one day when he was supposedly going to work, he instead took a simple detour to a coffee shop, where unbeknownst to him, a frie…

Watch American Factory, and hope this doesn't play out in your town.....

I have finished watching the above documentary.  American Factory.  As usual, I had to break it up into two separate evenings.   But I'm glad I did watch it.  I did not know what I was in for, but having viewed it I have alot to say.Lots of spoilers below.It is on Netflix, and no, it is highly unlikely this will ever be released in its present form in China.
First of all, most of my viewers recently have been from outside America, so perhaps I should explain;  American Factory can be your town too, in your country as well. 
It can be Germany, Australia, anywhere.  Because what takes place in America regarding China is nothing but a hint regarding what happens in Latin America or wherever the Chinese have a large government presence.
Having finished watching this documentary, my belief that the Chinese think Americans are dumb and lazy is stronger than ever.   And my belief that way too many Americans are entirely too self-entitled is equally just as strong.
So what is this docume…

Big Brothers Blood Runs High

People talk about the slow extinction of The White Male in America.
As the Indians, the Chinese, all very smart and well educated etc, come to this country, they squeeze out those among us unable to compete.  Simple as that.  I literally know no dumb Indians or Chinese here.  Their English may not be that great.  Their unwillingness to assimilate common.  Their children in turn destined to marry within their own culture.
But still, America is a head above the rest because our government allows these uber skilled folks to follow their ambitions and "try to make it" here.
The White Man a generation from now will work in an Amazon warehouse.  Maybe be a cop, or in the military.   Maybe a buyer for a company.  But he won't have a future like his grandfather did.  Housing will continue to increase in price, which is ok, because all that fancy new housing won't be built for him anyway.  See above.
Can he blame the American companies that hired someone else rather than tra…

Sex with China Wife...An Obituary

Well, it finally happened.  Just as it happened to my mom and dad.  
My youngest saw her mom and dad having sex.  
I thought I had locked the door.  I did.  But then I must push the door until it clicks shut.  I did not push it far enough.   
I remember when I was in 6th grade.  My parents door didn't have a lock.  I walked in and the lights were out and I saw nothing.  But I heard a gasp and was told to close the door.  I remember my dad coming out in his red robe, hair wildly askew, looking real pissed off, and ready to hit someone. He lit a cigarette.   A moment later my mom came out with one of her small robes and said with a matter of fact look,
Your daddy was touching me", or something like that.  
My mom, perhaps because she was from the South, was simply more open to this type of thing. She simply told me again not to open the door when it was closed. 
I remember now as I write this all the times she would say to us kids, "don't open this door" before h…

I am a number and so are you

We are identified as numbers.  If you are a child, it is your college entrance score (SAT).  If you are a man, is your salary.  As my daughter prepares for her final year of high school, her entire life at the moment is defined by what that score will be.
And if you are Chinese-it is worse.  We Americans brag about our sports scholarships to third rate universities.  Because it's free!  If the middle class here cannot even afford tuition at the local state school....then we are truly fucked as a middle class.  It becomes more of a pipe dream, thus making a family with a gifted arm or leg all the more grateful when a 2nd or third tier state school comes calling. 
Another number is the amount of Chinese investment in America has dropped 90%.  To me that simply means there is a 90% less likelihood that China will buy an American company, and take its technology back to China to use against us.  I'm good with that.
As long as the Chinese still own the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, thus …

You really want way too much to be loved

The other day in WeChat I received a post about yet ANOTHER diatribe from either some individual or a bunch of individuals regarding foreigners in China.
The post was basically about how two faced us laowai are.  Our lips say "we love" China, but our actions tell a different story.  There were lots of pix, and they used as a reference many five year old posts from Reddit's infamous ccjerk thread(who's readers still visit this blog, and did so even this past week),  along with some South African dude made famous by his Youtube posts.
First of all, the Reddit folks are old, old news.  May as well be last century.  The folks on the China thread were supposedly a bunch of "loser" American teachers in China.  I don't know.  And I will not judge.  But I did write a post many eons ago about my experience with Reddit.
While they do not represent the average American in China, they may very well represent the average young, bored, white teacher in China fresh o…