Things me and China Wife argue about

 Hi Everyone. It has been awhile.

Dropping a quick post, stealing a moment.  I find myself wanting to write, but honestly, when I am free, writing a post never makes it to the top of my to do list.  Two weeks ago I logged in 57 hours at my job.  Enough said. 

I've also felt many of the topics I've wanted to talk about I've already written about before, and I don't want to sound redundant. 

Still....I want to talk about China Wife for a moment. As I write this, she is upstairs making lamb.  She asked me when we were shopping earlier today if I'd be interested in having lamb for dinner.  I said sure.  But what I really need is meatloaf.  

Still I was excited to be eating lamb....until I noticed she is making lamb with carrots and some type of Chinese radish.  That is, she's making lamb "China style".   All I can do is sigh.

"Another waste of meat", I think to myself.  I simply told her I won't eat the carrots and I won't eat the radish, but I will eat the lamb and probably drink the broth. 

The Chinese boil their meat.  They destroy perfectly good Ameican ribs.

Who boils ribs, you ask? Well, the Chinese do. 

These are short ribs, and they do taste tender, if not a tad dry.  But, sorry, it is still a waste of perfectly good meat. 

I lust for meatloaf.  A heaping plate of garlic mash potatoes.  But in middle age, one must avoid carbs, right?  Last night we went out for dinner....and guess what?  She ordered fish.  I rolled my eyes.  Still, it was good.   It was.  It was also $24. 

Some things never change with China Wife.

China Wife's temper is one of them. 

A few days ago she was angry with me.  I was unhappy she had spent too much time with her Chinese Community on a Sunday night.  I wanted to go out for dinner, alas it was too late for that, as our daughter had a tutoring session coming up.   Well if China Wife had come home earlier, wouldn't this had been avoided?  

China Wife throws a plastic lid at me.  Yep, China Wife throw things.  I throw it back.  Then she takes the container and throws that at me, too.  I simply leave it on the floor.  

"You're cleaning that up", I said, and walked off.

China Wife spends the next two days not speaking to me.  

Now I want to dwell on this for a moment.  A grown woman, middle aged, gives her man the silent treatment.   Upon reflection, I think this is more of an 80's generation thing.  

Now I've always had a rule; Never go to bed angry.  Once me and a former lover had a brief spat in a hotel lobby.  She wanted to accompany me to a dinner and I told her unfortunately, she could not.  She would have to eat alone.  She obviously wasn't happy.  What did I do?    Did I just go off to my meal?

(Now this girlfriend was fond of telling me that if all the Chinese Men in her life knew she was taking a train 2 hours to come and see me, they'd be pissed.  Actually two Chinese women have said that to me but I digress.)

Of course not.  I went back upstairs to our room, told her I was sorry and kissed her passionately.  Then I left.  But I didn't leave upset, and I left that dinner as soon as I could.  

Nowadays when China Wife is angry, I find it amusing.  But just dumb as well.  Currently my daughter is taking art lessons.  But she is taking these lessons with a subpar student.  Thus the teacher spends more time on the other student than with my talented daughter.  My daughter complained to me about this.  When I found out, I was most unhappy. 

China Wife had gone out of her way to hide the fact my daughter was studying with an inferior student, and lost face.  If my daughter is gonna have a serious study session, I want it to be either alone or with other students just as talented as herself. 

"Iron Sharpens Iron".  Remember that. 

But the effect was I received the "silent treatment" for 48 hours.  Then China Wife demanded I get on my knees and apologize.  She actually frequently demands this.  In this regard she is very much like her father, ie he was afraid he'd have to write a self criticism when he went to Thailand and visited a sex show with us.  Notice he stayed until the end, however. 

Now do you think this laowai, from what you've read of me during this blog over the past ten years, is gonna do that?  If you answered "Yes", you'd be right! 

However, I always get on my knees in a mocking fashion, my hands on her breast, just to end the damn silent treatment, because when there is silence there is no sex.  Remember that, too. 

Unfortunately, while we've become alot better at communicating and argue less, the Silent Treatment still rises to the surface a few times a year.  I think its silly and immature, and I know for a fact China Girl have her age doesn't act that way.  

Which brings us to the next natural topic.  As I've mentioned earlier, China Wife has long since admitted she no longer needs a man.  I believe this a common thread amongst not just Chinese Women, but other nationalities as well.  Still, I think it is more prevalent among Chinese women because their sex life is far less existent anyway.  

China Wife is an Alpha Male in female skin.  God probably meant for her to be a man.  But he probably had too many men in China, and as such, with a shrug and frown, he made her a strong female instead.  I'm not great at fixing things, and I don't have a gun.  China Wife, by nature is fantastic at the former and wants to eventually do the latter.  

She frequently says "I should've been a man".  

Is anyone surprised we're down to sex once a week.   I shudder for all the Poor Chinese Men out there, stuck with a wife such as mine.  Then if you go back deep into the archives, you'll know that's where young, beautiful peasant girls come into the picture.  China, in its own way, makes perfect sense.  Everyone has a role, and social equilibrium is constant.   

Don't get me wrong, China Wife and I get along rather well.  I'd say an 8 out of 10.  Sometimes worse, but never better. She is a splendid enough Mom. She is in a way "cute".  Last night we watched Despicable Me.   Again.  Her choice not mine.  She likes to snuggle up to my pj's at night.  She makes a fantastic Western Breakfast every weekend.  Which my lazy ass mom nearly never did.  She has a stable, yet woefully underpaid job.  She is a stalwart of the Chinese Community, cooks every meal, and usu washes up(disclaimer, she doesn't like my cooking).  Her meatloaf and porkchops are now better than mine, and she is a great promoter of Chinese Culture.  She also goes on these cleaning binges. 

Problem is China Wife won't suck a dick.  

China wife hasn't held my dick in her hand since before Xi Jinping came to power, and is completely unimaginative in bed.  And she doesn't care.  

She not only doesn't need a man in her life, but quite frankly doesn't need to get laid anymore either.  

China Wife also has OCD.  When I tell her to relax and let me do the dishes, after I change out of my work clothes and have a coffee, not ten seconds later she is in the kitchen.   I only briefly feel guilty. 

Why is that?   Because(knock on wood), I make alot of $.  More than twice her salary.  But as China Wife likes to tell me, it's basically minimum wage when all the damn hours are counted up.  I basically work 6 days a week.  I long for the lazy China days when I had time to sit in a Starbucks and write a post. 

I never thought I'd legally make this much money.  But I remember the day I told my wife it won't change anything towards us.  She'll still be the person she is.  And I was right.  China Wife unlike other women, doesn't calibrate things the way other China Women do;  more money DOES NOT mean more sex.  And I never get a massage. 

Which is why I will never marry China Girl again.  It's simply so much more fine to just date them.  

As for me, well I'm stuck here in good ol' USA, waiting for the doors to the Heavenly Kingdom to open.  Maybe just like you.    


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