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Top downers when marrying Rich China Girl

Hi everyone, I'm back. I apologize for the duration.  I came back two weeks ago, and promptly ran into issues at work as well as a good old fashioned guilt trip from China Wife. I do have stories to tell.  Of a business nature.  But thoughts piling up from within as well.  This blog won't really pick up speed until June, as I'm on holiday later this month.  But I just can't get the issues of living with a Rich China Girl now Wife out of my mind.  I'm reminded constantly by her snide comments, etc, of why "No Chinese man can stand me". These are my thoughts: 1.  "I never thought I'd have to worry about money."  Yep, China Wife has actually said this.  Many, many, many a time.  In particular when we were young.  And I'm still speechless every time I hear it.  It hurt me the first time she said it, and it hurts me now.  This is what happens when one violates the rule I imposed some years ago in one of my other posts. Do not mar