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"Will he buy you an apartment"?

I know a Japanese fellow in Hong Kong.   Extremely nice fellow.   His own business. Approaching 60.   Seeking Nirvana he is not.    The golden elixir itself out of reach.   But he has money. Not much.   Enough. A very youthful outlook on life.   Not ugly.   Thin.   Perhaps a bit henna as the Japanese would say.    But lonely he is.    Some people exude arrogance, contempt for others.   This fellow exudes loneliness.   It seeps from every pore of his body.     Indeed, year by lonely year, his Soul seems to darken. This Japanese fellow recently got engaged. To China Woman. She is in her early thirties.   Never married.   I don’t know how they met.   I’ve met a few others, you see.   I simply have no interest in his personal life. But he’s a business associate of mine.    When I’m in town and he wants to meet me in Shenzhen I say yes.   I always say yes.   And I meet his newest “Chinese friend”.    It’s easy over the course of a meal to see what exists between two people.  

Just lost my fiancee....

Quick spontaneous rant here..... Just heard the above from one of the readers..... Dudes, don't focus on beauty in China. All it does is increase competition for you, and headaches.  The prettier the girl in China, the more self entitled she feels.  And can you blame her? I mean, can you really blame her?  Of course not! Have I exaggerated?  Of course I have.  We horny laowai all want the prettiest girl in the club.  At least those young bucks in their twenties do.  My assumption is you are not going after a waitress in a third tier city. Remember, if your lady is young, you will be nothing more than a "flavor of the month" to her on many occasions. If you are a typical "cheap ass" laowai, you are a splash in the pan.  And if you don't speak good Chinese, it's just as bad. Got $? Great. Got more $? Better. I lasted(last) as long as I did because I spoke Mandarin and was willing to spend 1000 rmb a week on a lady, take to a nice resta

Another upon request...

Ok, so upon request I’ve been asked to write something about….well, I’ve been asked a few things actually.  Probably best I take these one by one.  The end game for professionals whom work in China? There is a beginning, for those who start in their twenties and perhaps even thirties. Then there is a “I love China but” moment where common sense prevails. Various scenarios are: I can’t work here forever.  Ie I need to go back to my own country for further professional training, such as a Masters Degree, which is what I did.  Doing this was the path to “big money”, ie 6 figures, which I never would’ve attained in China, just by slogging it out.  I’m fond of calling China the world’s biggest night club, but seriously, if your company sends you there, or you simply wind up working in a factory like I did, your prospects are only so much, and will only take  one so far. When I lived in Hong Kong but worked at the Shenzhen factory, I made around $36,000 a ye

Part 2.....Once again I feel stupid....

(Today I’m stuck playing teacher’s assistant in my neighborhoods local Chinese school.   I guess once a year is something I can handle……I only hope I don’t disturb anyone.) While in Ningbo recently I was hanging out with the Saleslady of the factory I work with.   As I’ve probably stated before, she’s a typical China Mom.   Has a kid, and a husband she seems to be mildly disappointed with.    She likes the thrill of talking with a laowai in Chinese, likes it probably more texting via WeChat.    She’s had the same job for over 15 years.   She’s been to Shanghai a few times.   Even America once.    She has the distinction of walking the Strip without ever visiting Hoover Dam, a mere 30 minute drive away.     And now she’s in Vietnam for CNY.   I am envious. I asked her once what the average Ningbo salary was.   She mentioned around 4000 yuan.   That’s about $630 a month.   I figure she probably makes closer to 10,000 yuan, being how she’s had the same job for so long.   Which i

"I'm a landlord!"

I was in China for 3 weeks.   My kids wanted me to bring something back.    And I think maybe the office wanted something as well.   All I could manage to bring back was a head cold for the ages. And a very solid impression of how poor I am. The Chinese want their Face.    I’ll say for better or for worse they got it. The last day of my trip I rolled into Beijing, already beginning to feel the effects of having most reluctantly shook hands with a germ laden Chinese supplier the day before.   (can’t turn down the handshake of a CEO, right?) He himself had a serious head cold and was coughing and sneezing all damn day.    Now I’m at Beijing Capital Airport.   It’s in the teens, where it has been all week.    After several minutes I finally find the shuttle to my hotel.   It’s dark.   I find a seat just behind the driver.   He’s a typically weather beaten fellow, like most Chinese not from its proud cities are.     And right away he starts chatting with a lady sitting next