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Ignorant Laowai: Nicest thing a Chinese ever did for me

I know it’s a boring topic, but I’d really like to talk about the kindness I’ve rec’d from Chinese.   One in particular.   In this current age, unfortunately most Chinese truly do NOT come across the best and brightest of us laowai.   Many of them are sick of us.  In sum, I’d have to wonder if another poor fellow had put himself in the same situation, as to whether he’d find the same happy result that I did. Yes, I’ve spoken about China ad nauseum, and how it was 20+ years ago.  The deferential treatment I rec’d as a laowai, when buying a ticket on a train, or simply wanting to go to a KFC in Shanghai. (me and my gf, future wife went to the first KFC in Shanghai in 1991, and with a line at least 50 yards long, I was escorted to the front.   No one complained.  It was as if the Chinese in line wouldn’t expect anything less. ) Today, China is flooded with us laowai, more so than I had originally expected.   I shouldn’t be surprised.  Really, I shouldn’t.   China is a big pla

Allow me to catch up a bit

Time for a bit of house cleaning.  I find not by design, but by habit that I'm getting a post out every 4-5 days or so.   Not sure I can keep up the pace.  I have alot of topics still to broach.  Some take awhile to nail down.   A simple post such as this below took me 3 days to write, over fits and starts.  First a shout out to my readers. Latvia,  you’re back…..but then you left again….? Kyrgyzstan…..thx for showing up! Now, with as serious a face I can muster, as modestly as I can attempt……how many China Bloggers have viewers from Kyrgyzstan?  (not too damn many, thank you very much!) Hello Bangladesh ….and India…keep it up! China….yes, one would think I would naturally have a lot of viewers from China, but actually, I do not.  Something abt the VPN, you see.  However, suddenly, over the past month, Chinese viewership has spiked.   I imagine my views in China would greatly increase if not for the inconvenience of needing a VPN.   As I’ve said before, t

War is Cool and Big Swinging Dick Theory

It’s Olympic Time everybody, and that means it’s now time to finally talk about something that has lay dormant in my mind for the past several years, only to prop up again during this gathering of Nations. Nationalism When we think of the above what are we reminded of? If you are thinking of well orchestrated rallies held in North Korea, the answer would be YES! China during New Years Day Chunwan….absolutely! And on and on and on….. Except there is one place that should scare others the most.   In my view there is one nation more nationalistic than most, more self assured and confident, brimming with swagger at all the  seams, less leary of telling a foreigner to “piss off” than any other other.  America When commentators speak of the extreme nationalistic rhetoric of Chinese media, or the unpredictable actions of North Korea, they show more than a glint of ignorance of the World’s Truly Nationalistic Society.   Always simmering just below the surface, to

Portrait of a Successful Chinese Woman

Wendi Deng…Modern Chinese Woman.  Anyone familiar with the story of Deng would think right away she’s a gold digger.  And you would be right.   But is this important?  Not really.  She married an Old Man that knew what he was getting.   Deng simply played the odds and couldn’t believe her luck.   Her luck was bad!   The Old Man has lived longer than she probably expected(they were married 14 years).   Of course his mom made it to 100, so obviously he has the genes.  (Ms. Deng obviously didn’t do her research.  She was without doubt thinking we’ll have a few kids than he’ll just kick over) What’s funny is not that they are breaking up.  She’s an ugly woman, after all.  (All the makeup she wore couldn’t hide that)But that she got as far as she did.  It’s a tribute to her focus and tenacity.  To many Chinese Women she’s a HERO.  Wanna learn about the Model China Girl today?  Look no further than Wendi Deng.   (Is Murdoch her grandparents age?)  The Man got away with screwing a Wo

So WHO did you Shag today?

Laowai.  We’re all the same.  Pathetic sorry creatures.  We come here for what, exactly? Why do we come to China? To study. To work. To waste a year or more of our lives in the Middle Kingdom. Many of us take a perfectly good opportunity and do not appreciate it.  We complain, we bitch, we argue.  (None of us ever think of just going home) Nope….. Why is that? Easy answer…. It’s because of the women.  We’ll never have such a run in our native country.  Even the most exotic, wealthiest MAN in the States’ won’t have it as easy as he thinks he has it in China……ahhhh the opposite sex! It’s the only place where we know we can always have a gf 20 years younger than us. Than we have to ruin a good thing and go brag about it! We laowai all like checking out each others babe.  We snicker when we actually see a laowai with a foreign woman.  (“what a dumbass”, we say to each other.)  Why’s that?  It’s because we don’t want to go through

Oh for the love of God!

Oh for the love of God… Stop the honey dripping, over the top love songs!  In respect of McCartney, I shall not call them “Silly”, but when the fever is high in the Club, and people are about to make moves on one another, do we really need yet another pretty boy with moussed hair and skinny jeans to bring everything to a screeching halt with his rendition of Love, Pain and  Heartache, Chinese style?  Do we? Can’t I just once go out and have a good time with my Long Island and middle aged dance music without having the local club’s Pretty Boy Party Pooper rain on my parade at midnight with a live  Chinese Love Song?  Who the fuck sings love songs in a club at midnight?  Answer:  The Chinese do! Oh for the love of God make it stop!  Is there anything worse to break one’s rhythm than to suddenly have to endure a slow, mood shattering love song in a club?(have I made this point already?) I surprised myself when I came back to China in 2005 and discovered I