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What a nightmare

First of all, my apologies for having been gone so long. Again...thank you, China for giving me all these wonderful VPN issues. Your efforts to keep me from using Google while in China are indeed impressive. I've noted everyone's comments, and I have several posts ready to post....I'll prob do so every other day for the next week or so. Upon returning from the Heavenly Kingdom, my laptop promptly died, and I will get that back today, minus the $150 it took to fix it.  A Windows corruption issue....of course between you and me the real issue is after a long day at the factory last week, upon sitting down to catch up with customers via my laptop, the connection just wasn't happening, so I slammed my laptop with my fist.   Pls don't tell anyone abt this.

Chinese and the disrespect for authority

Why do Chinese not listen? Why do Chinese not care? Rather, the question I’m asking is why do Chinese have such a problem with authority? Why do they disregard “the rules”? To the outsider, their wanton disregard of the rules is both flagrant,  and arrogant.  And it contributes to the more chaotic situation of it’s society today. The anything goes mentality within China harks back to the Wild West.  Many an American living in China today, upon returning home for a visit, use this phrase to best describe China today. So let’s ponder the reasons.  Population: Quite frankly, China is a mess.   There is no way in hell China only has 1.3 or 1.4 billion people.   It is more likely that officials undercount more so than overcount.   Many a Chinese statistic is unreliable, if not all of them.   That’s not a diss.  It’s just a reflection of how lacking the powers that be have on the situation at hand.  Ok, maybe it is a diss.  China has had 60 years now to get t

Just get a girlfriend, Stupid

Ever go to a local eatery in China, and find yourself next to a couple of noisy laowai?  Every 3 rd syllable is a swear word.   Their negativity knows no bounds.   I’d love to walk over and tell them hush, but I’m good at math, and three of them and one of me makes poor odds.   And I honestly think they don’t give a crap what I think.    Well, if I could talk to them I’d just say one thing: You need a girlfriend, Man.  That’s all there is to it.  A lonely man is an irritable one.  If you’re gonna stay in China for any length of time, whatsoever, China will just suck if you’re alone.   Simple as that.  As 99% of you already know, it’s thus more than vital to get a local gf.  Here's another rambling post on popular ways the laowai tries to accomplish his goal, in Modern China today, and the ill effects of his approach on the rest of us that live here. Today it’s soooo much easier to do just that.  Before the age of the internet, and bar scene, our selection was pr