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any local battlefied sites?

Back in the States' now from a recent trip back to South China, on business, I yet pondered again....does China record and preserve it's battlefield sites?  Here in the South, we have many such sites going back 150 years. I've taken my children to a few of them.  Perhaps they were too of them asked if the cemetary of one of them(Shiloh) had a playground. Still the records are well preserved, and I find the storytelling of the local attendants fascinating.  I'm just wondering if China does the same?

Diaoyu Islands

For the first time ever, I saw China peacefully allow demonstrations.  I've been in China back and forth for over 20 years, and lived there for over 10.  I'm sure there are countless allowed demonstrations in countless small cities everyday, that no foreigner ever hears about. Still....I was taken aback by how peaceful the demonstration I saw here in China the other day was.  The street was lined with riot police, along with a cadre of such following the demonstration from behind.  I observed the group, and sure enough it was mostly youth.  Nothing violent occurred, though traffic was held up quite a bit. In a show of how organized the gov't is, we all rec'd a text message from our carriers on our phone asking us all to return home, and not to create any public disturbance.  I had a business meeting to attend to however, and didn't even know abt the day's events until I was on top of them. I took a pic of a banner, that I may or may not post later.  It sai
Back in the States' for a short time. A gutter in my subdivision collapsed, I know not how.  Was repaired within a week of my having noticed it.  I was reminded of how Churchill opposed the independence of India.  He said grass would grow in the streets if England left.  On many business trips to Mexico I've pretty much seen the same thing.  Knee high grass everywhere, along with potholes.   A nice barometer of a gov't is it's ability to do the small things right, and how quickly it does them. Some countries, like China, of course, have not an emphasis on speed, but a PLAN, if you will, that goes at it's own pace, unbeknownst to the rest of us.  But it gets things done. A rail to separate opposing directions of traffic....done. A new light at an obviously busy intersection....done. The power to the light, upon installation....a week or two later....but done. My point is the gov't doesn't necessarily feel the pressure of public opinion to hurry alon