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A country with no guard rails

One can easily tell if one has been to China. Within the first few minutes of conversation said person will quickly espouse, "China needs a dictator......" One would be surprised how many people in positions of power have never visited the Heavenly Kingdom.   This particularly holds true for America, but probably within  your nation too For if any of our "know it all" politicians had actually been to China(rather than just dropping into Hong Kong like Ted Cruz apparently did recently), then surely their criticisms would have had a tad more nuance.   A bit more sophistication. Listening to ignorant people in America(usually our US Senators) talk about how bad China is, is quite embarrassing.   Readers of this blog know I'm not a suck up to China, but neither do I go out of my way just to "piss on" China either. However, I think a country as important as China doe merit visiting the place, before making the decision to carte blanche criticize

Mao was right, oh so right

In 1939 the vaunted Russian Army attacked little Finland.  A million men attacked.  Expected to last a several weeks at most, the Finnish Army punched far above it's weight,  and stopped the Russians "cold" in their tracks and inflicted heavy losses.  A hint of what was later to come against Germany, the Russians took it all in stride, but it was not until Spring 1940 that Finland finally capitulated.  Alas, looked upon as weak and tottering, Germany attacked Russia.  Greatly underestimating the Russian ability to field armies, the Germans eventually lost.  Despite the horrific losses inflicted against them, the Russians simply kept coming.  Russia wasn't so weak of course.  Still, I cannot but help think that many an "educated" person may draw a similar parallel between the Russia of 1940 and America in 2020. Never before has America seemed so incompetent.  So lost and directionless.  So authoritarian.  So help itself.  This is no