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The worst sex I've ever had with China Girl is with China Wife

 I stop this regularly scheduled series to bitch about China Wife.  Sex with China Wife sucks(I just made a pun),  and if she doesn't start "sucking" more, I'm gonna start banging my head(another one!) against the wall. Simply put, we need more sex in the Fontenot Household.   But upon accomplishing that, we need more excitement as well.   When I'm allowed to jump on Mrs. Fontenot, I can already tell you how scripted the sex will be.   And I know what will and what will not happen, as well.  We basically have three sexual positions.  One of which is her on top, and is rarely performed.  So let me stop right here all you fans of China Girl;  you must be sexually in sync with China Girlfriend.  One of you cannot be a "five times a week" fiend and the other only once a week.  You must be on the same page.  Or else a few years down the road you will become mired in that great swamp of lowered expectations.  Regarding China Wife and her lack of sexual procliv