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We are not built for China

 Park Chung Hee was not a very nice man.  The ruler of Korea from 1963  until 1979, by the end of his reign his popularity was greatly waning.  Still, it is without question that during his reign he built Korea into an industrial powerhouse.  Korea's GNP increased by 2400%.(please check my work!)  Yet Korea is an American ally and today only has 50 million people.   Now let's take a look at China.  Itself an industrial powerhouse, with an equally goal oriented leadership.  But with a population of 1.5 billion.  Yes, I deliberately overestimate the population.  And China today has a GDP roughly ten times larger than Korea's.  We are not built for China.  We are not prepared for this.  Sure if China was say the size of......Peru it would be a different story, right? China is a threat to our way of life.  To our existence.  This may not be a big deal to the great people of Holland or  Poland or Ecuador.  But the fact is, China is a big deal to America.  To its ego.  The Chines

I tried really really hard to find something good to say about Chiang Kai Shek

  So I want to focus on one thing:   CKS may in the lens of history be looked upon as an incompetent fool, but truth be told, he was more competent and capable than anyone else within China willing to step up at that time.    If the Chinese thought he was that “bad” there is really no record of anyone within the Kuomintang trying to assassinate him after he’d taken over power and his true trajectory as such was already known.     At least the Germans tried to kill Hitler. The Russians were so in awe of Stalin and his ability to defeat Hitler, and so brainwashed by his Cult of Personality, Stalin could have ruled for generations as long as he was healthy. CKS was a true patriot. This must be truly said of him.   It is ironic that despite his xenophobia, that he actually lived abroad.    CKS hated the Russians.    But honestly there is no knowledge of his hating the Japanese.    It is in Japan, where he lived for about two years, that he learned what it was truly like to be a soldi

Who will be America's Krushchev?

 Stalin was a monster. If you all go back, deep, deep into the archives you will, oh never mind, I'm sure none of you have the time to really go back into my nearly 400 posts so here it is, my dear lazy readers! In sum there was a time, when the "bad guys" were denounced for far less than anything Stalin was ever denounced for. But this moment matters.  Stalin was so feared, that even when something was obviously wrong with him on the night of his death, no one helped him.   Believe it or not, he died before his time.  And 99% of all ethnic Russians thought him a Hero brought down from heaven by Lenin himself to save Mother Russia.  Remember, Stalin was not "Russian".   As my Soviet History teacher taught us, Stalin spoke Russian with an accent.  Most non ethnic Russians probably hated him.   All the same, Stalin got away with his excesses.  He killed in cold blood without remorse. He was never put