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Affection....Practicality...what gives?

Ok, guys, you have spoken.   (Do I still have female readers?   Is Femme Nazi still around?)   I’m a bit unhappy that apparently none of you have cool interest in Revisionist Chinese History.   Well, if the last few posts haven’t clinched My Pulitzer, than  perhaps I should face myself in the mirror and desperately admit nothing will. One of my Anonymous Readers has been asking me for the past couple of weeks to write about “soul”.    Or rather, the tendencies of Chinese Women as regards Affectionate Behavior.   This is very much a sore point for us Western Men.    Having said that, if you are a Japanese Fellow, just move along…you are perhaps more attuned to this type of behavior than us Western Saps are.     Western Men are dreadfully easy.    We want a good meal and great sex.   That’s it.   (ok, well, don’t spend so much of our money)   We don’t need you to make the bed.   We don’t need you to wash the car.   We will require you to change your panties daily though,

1940....What if we had simply looked the other way?

(Another installment in my "what if" series on Chinese History.  I realize many of you hate these....sorry.   (Not.)   To date we've looked at this old post ,  Zheng He (what if he had turned left rather than right).... Lushan .... and today America's reaction to the invasion by Japan of China.  Enjoy) In 1931 Japan invaded China.    And thus the first phase of the first phase of the first phase of WW2 began.    Japan had already grabbed Korea from China, so why would anyone ever think Japan would be content with an apple when it could have the whole tree? Japan was the last in a whole string of countries that plundered, victimized, and humiliated China at will.   Beginning with England in the 19 th century, China was not so much corrupt as out of date.    And once other countries “saw” what England could take, was it not only a matter of time?   History books are great things, if only they factored in once in awhile human behavior.   Such as the

The Glorious Motherland's Defeat of the Japanese Bandits!

By the time everyone reads this The Brave and Courageous People’s Republic would have celebrated its victory over the Japanese Bandits. Got that? The contribution of The Motherland being both unrelenting and unswerving. Yes, you may claim the Glorious People’s Republic didn’t kick Japan’s ass, and my reply would be “so what”?    It did not defeat Japan?   “Who cares”?        (Did the Japanese and PLA even share a battlefield?   ) And they want us all to go to China and celebrate! Still…for the CCP to even hint at any sort of significant contribution is awkward at best, and shows bad form.    This is my problem with the West:   we are so polite and circumspect when speaking with China that we simply cannot bring ourselves to embarrass this Great and Ancient Place.   We also feel “guilty” to do so, in light of the millions of dead China suffered.   The sad truth is the 人民解放军 killed more Chinese than it did Japanese, not that it will ever be a statistic t