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Treating Them differently from Us, and hoping nobody notices

A society needs to reflect its values. It cannot stray far away from them.   Unfortunately, nearly all societies do just that, with neither remorse nor hint of guilt.   We have no nostalgia for the “old days”.    But what if a society has publicly pledged to do just that?   Not to reflect, but to publicize…honor, and venerate?    That is, to venerate a cultural moral standard. For all to see. Yeah, I’m talking about China. And I’m talking about Confucius. First a simple disclaimer.   No country is purrrrfeccct.   Right?   I get it.   (But when you fly in my corn field, you are fair game for my shotgun.)     Confucianism is making a comeback in the Heavenly  Kingdom.   Someone say “calculated”.     That may be….but I would prefer to think it is overdue.   Confucianism as a guide to live one’s “life” is a high bar for any individual.   But to elevate it to a national level for all to see is a bit daring. With China, it’s simple;   “Watch not what I do, but

Learning to live around the inlaws....

Yeah, I’ve said some things.    Haven’t played the “role” I was supposed to play.   Never been great adhering to others cultural expectations.   Being the “submissive” one with the handcuffs just hasn’t been my style.  I’ve recently been handed “the news” the inlaws have scheduled a “stop over”.   This one will be for a mere 5 months, and right during football season.   Fuck.    The Master of the House(that’s me) is about to lose his keys to the kingdom.   Any plans I may have had of watching a game on the sofa, like a normal, regular dude are gone.    Alas My Days will be spent in the basement.   Weight loss once again will ensue.   I will be the first one done with dinner(and any other group activities for that matter).    I lost 10 pounds during their 6 month sojourn in my house last year.    But I’ve matured.   And with age comes regret.   Sometimes.   Here is a quick list of things I should regret, or perhaps even apologize for, over the nearly twenty five years of “s

Heavy Fluff

Yes, I know it’s been more than awhile, my apologies, but Holiday did call.     You already have more than enough stuff to read though, right?    On top of that, my summer duties as “Soccer Dad” are really taking its toll.   Still, to my knowledge, I’m the only Loser putting up 2000 word posts on a regular basis about China, in general.     Nor do I put up ads or any of that stuff.    I know I don’t always put up stories you want to read…I’d say “I’m sorry abt that”, except I’m not.     Though in all honesty I’ve probably 3-4 stories that are more to your liking that in my view make credible social points, you guys would without doubt want to focus on all the “carnal content” such a story would touch on, blissfully ignoring(like feminist nazi did last time) the social point I’m trying to make. OK, let’s get caught up.  Forgive any obvious mistakes.  I'll have to edit this later as I reread it. First of all much thanks for the Slavs showing up.   Croatia, Serbia, Macedo