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Destroyed in seconds

The Chinese came here and crowed.   Politely to us, more candidly amongst themselves.  They were underwhelmed. Underwhelmed at how small our buildings were, how poor our public transportation(deservedly so) was.   Indeed, America is not in a good place now.  Our democracy is under assault.  Half the country is gonna jump off a bridge if Trump is re-elected.  Or figure out how to emigrate to Canada.  Meanwhile the Chinese shook their heads at how poorly Australia handled its own forest fires.   China, burgeoning with confidence and a growing swagger, looked around and very much liked what it saw.  Itself on top. The future was bright.  The Party had done its job, and instilled the Chinese People not only with Purpose and Being, but with a belief that all roads led through it.   Indeed, people were beginning to openly wonder why "WE" couldn't act more like "THEM".....? "Wanna get rich?  Gotta come here." "Want to make a movie?  Gotta mak

Rumors, damn rumors!

So, a few things I've heard, which I'm entirely too lazy to look into myself. These may be true, or they may not be. First the outlandish: America brought the virus to China.  This virus, the epidemic, was planted in China by Americans. Seriously?  This reminds me that quite frankly haters gonna hate.  There will always be people in China that think America is the devil reincarnate.  And the same goes for America(and Westerners) about China.  Can't change it.  Just gotta keep moving.  People that want to hate even when surrounded by roses, sunshine and love, will find a way to conspire and rumor monger.  For instance, I was on Youtube the other day and I came across one of the anti China videographers I wrote about only a few posts back.  I glanced and saw the title of his video.  Something about doomsday coming to China.  His title was inflammatory, and of course it collected plenty of clicks to  his video.  Afterall that is how he gets paid right? What disturb

Qu Yuan and Li Wenliang

Li Wenliang was 34, forever young and now forever dead. I don't like the rumors I've heard about him.  The most pernicious being that Beijing had him killed.  Utter nonsense.  Don't believe it.  Both Chinese and non Chinese alike have spread this rumor.  It is silly and not true. But a month ago no one had even heard of him and now his death is going to keep Beijing up at night. Nevermind the laowai, their trade wars, their aircraft carriers, their sanctions.  None of these can hurt China. China can only change, feel threatened from within. Beijing doesn't fear a new American bomber as much as it fears tens of millions of nameless citizens using the death of one of China's best and brightest at the hands, albeit indirectly,  of an unaccountable group of little emperors run amok. It is not that Beijing knew what was going on.  Of course it did not.  Beijing cannot be blamed for this, in any direct fashion.  However, decades of such behavior has created the

The 11th Commandment

While in Vegas late last year I received a WeChat from a longtime friend of mine, whom lived in Shenzhen but was recently on business in Los Angeles.   He told me LA sucked. I did not disagree. Then awhile later, after the New Year, he posted an article about the Chinese viewpoint of the massive forest fires in Australia.  It was to the point: "China would never have allowed such devastation.  We would have used all our manpower to simply put it out. " It was condescending, but not really in a mean spirited way.  It was ignorant of such things as drought, the ludicrousness of using mere "MEN" to put out a fire, rather than fire retardant, helicopters, trained professionals, etc.   But I certainly admired his "Can do" attitude. As I've said before, the supreme accomplishment of the Chinese Communist Party has been to play the role of psychologist to the fragile spirit and ego of the Chinese People.    For centuries it seems the Chinese People