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Losing the Damn Race

In a few of my previous writings over the last couple of years I’ve often written of “The Race” .    That is, of the inevitability of China producing   a class of leaders, much less just one leader   that has grown up influenced by Western ideals and thought, and thus by their actions lessening the tensions between China and the rest of the World. Notice I did not say a “democratic” or “free” China.    Rather, a China led by a leadership having spent its formative years abroad.    Or, simply travelled frequently overseas, interacting with foreigners of their generation.   Comfortable with Westerners, comfortable in a non Chinese setting, able to mingle as equals.    Not afraid of others’ ideals because they have strength in their own, thus perhaps not afraid of wading beyond the comfort zone that is called China.      This new brand of Chinese leadership would truly manage China from a sophisticated and confident pedestal.    Rather than from a reactionary, xenophobic and stri

Schwarzman Scholars....My Unwanted Take

So the big bad, long awaited Schwarzman Scholar list has come out.     Great! I spoke of this sometime ago at length.    And I want to talk about it some more, but I can’t promise I won’t say very much.  I assume if you read this blog you know more than a thing or two about the Heavenly Kingdom, beyond the whole “girl thing”(well, ok, that’s my hope anyway).    It would be great to read the post I put up some time ago on this topic.   Basically, a rich guy wants to do a cool thing and have more learning and 交流 which I think is fantastic.   Afterall, he has the money, and wants to leave a legacy.    So he should be applauded, because knowing more about China is not only good sense but imperative.   China will not be going away, and unfortunately, in my view, we are woefully lacking an organized policy at the national level for developing “talent”.   So a rich guy has to come in and fill the vacuum.   Big kudos to Rich Guy. We need more like him. Now…..I’ve done the

This has finally taken place in China....

So, this has finally indeed happened . . the United States, a country with an endless, expensive and many, many say overly cumbersome process, over 2000 people convicted of a crime have been exonerated.  That is alot.  Of course, the US has over two million people in prison as well.   The highest incarceration rate in the industrialized world.   It is hard for exoneration of a prisoner in China to take place.  So much FACE is involved and with too many departments unwilling to to admit they have perhaps made a mistake.   A strong lack of a freedom of the press does not help things.  Still, kudos is to be given where it it due, and it looks like china is now focused on a turning a wrong into a right.  But the elephant in the room is this: If a country as fastidious with its criminal justice system as America can still make mistakes, then what about the Heavenly Kingdom . .....? You’ve read my previous rants on this subject(no, actually you haven’t, but not

China and the what happened?

Here is an update on the below post I wrote on the Bahamas.  This article in the NY Times updates China's involvement  in the below hotel and the sad conclusion. China likes the Bahama’s very much. We recently went on a cruise.  My family, and the inlaws recently took nice a cruise in the Atlantic.  The water was gorgeous, and the ship was nice enough for a first timer.    The sea was a deep blue, and despite the size of our ship, we could always feel a slight sway.   There is nothing more powerful than the Ocean, trust me.    I tried in vain to catch glimpses of another ship, but unlike our disastrous trip to Sentosa Island in Singapore, we were alone.  No freighters, no fishing trawlers, nothing.  It was a very peaceful experience.  To my surprise, there were also Chinese on board.  Not too many, but considering we were off the coast of Florida, and not Shanghai, it was nice to see.    It was easy to recognize the mainlanders; they were the pasty white ones.    I