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Quick upvote on a newer blog abt China and WW2...

Came across this today...cannot recall how...but pls go over to  and take a look. It's a niche blog....appears to have frequent, regular updates.  Looks like it will help to fill those pesky gaps most of us have in our knowledge base abt China. The authors do touch upon a subject I am currently preparing a post on...Ms. Meiling herself. Enjoy

The New Big Swinging Dick

So now I’m reading China has nearly $4 trillion in foreign reserves.  Not bad.  Does that makes China the futures next Big Swinging Dick (BSD)?   As I alluded to earlier that makes China scary.  There’s nothing scarier than coming across a person or entity that doesn’t want to be a “team player” and has the wherewithal to do things “his way”.  Why is that? The West is all about “The System”.  It’s The System that maintains peace.  Keeps order.  Allows harmonious relations between mature countries to continue.   Avoids bloodletting amongst major countries. I’m not talking about the Middle East.  Has anyone noticed that there really hasn’t been “peace” in the ME since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire?   Time and again we smile at ourselves, as a Western Civilization, when we bring “Peace and Order”(also known as Democracy) to countries that are strangers to this concept.   Like a Missionary giving a bible to an illiterate peasant, we feel we’ve done a good days’ work.  Tha


I haven’t had a “Fluff Post” in quite awhile.  Let’s first recognize some of those places that DO SHOW UP upon occasion.  Call them lurkers if you will.   Call me silly, but I just get A KICK out of some of these places(that I will probably never visit) that all take the time to hang out at MyChinaKanfa. Zambia….thx again for showing up.  No idea where you are on the map, but I know you are in Africa. Uganda….ditto…. Lithuania….my first thought is what happened to Estonia?  There was a time when I was visited by that place daily for like a year!   Slovakia….I’m sure it warms your heart to know my grandmother was a Slav. Iran… of my classmates in Chinese University was Iranian.  He brought us dates.  Very nice fellow, who simply did not get along well with our Chinese teacher.   I was impressed when his other Iranian friends would show up driving cars.   1990.  Long fucking time ago. Saudi Arabia….coming soon in another Post of mine. Brunei……is this

As regards Australia

The Aussies have been in the news lately.   For among other things(all below), many of them apparently disdain Halloween.  More than a few of them seem to think it yet another aspect of American Cultural Imperialism……??  (It’s only Candy and Kids!....btw, what’s a “lollie”?) Well, the Yanks pushing their sneaky ways upon yet another unsuspecting Culture aside, at least we are more than an arm’s length apart from each other.   Distance tempers annoyance.  Which is more than I can say for Australia and the Center of the Celestial Universe, er-hmm…..China. Is Australia the proverbial mouse at the foot of the Dragon’s Cave?  I dunno.  But methinks in a generation or two, the Aussies very much are in danger of becoming both culturally and economically dominated by China.  That is, Halloween may be the least of your worries. This topic has been on my list for quite awhile, and with the news that Australia is on the verge of signing a Free Trade Agreement with China, let alone do