I haven’t had a “Fluff Post” in quite awhile. 

Let’s first recognize some of those places that DO SHOW UP upon occasion.  Call them lurkers if you will.   Call me silly, but I just get A KICK out of some of these places(that I will probably never visit) that all take the time to hang out at MyChinaKanfa.

Zambia….thx again for showing up.  No idea where you are on the map, but I know you are in Africa.


Lithuania….my first thought is what happened to Estonia?  There was a time when I was visited by that place daily for like a year!  

Slovakia….I’m sure it warms your heart to know my grandmother was a Slav.

Iran…..one of my classmates in Chinese University was Iranian.  He brought us dates.  Very nice fellow, who simply did not get along well with our Chinese teacher.   I was impressed when his other Iranian friends would show up driving cars.   1990.  Long fucking time ago.

Saudi Arabia….coming soon in another Post of mine.

Brunei……is this the Sultan?  (Could I take out a loan?)

Moving on…….

I’m sure the first thing most of you have noticed is that the frequency of my posts has lessened.  My apologies.  I’ve gone from abt once every 4 days to about once every 7-10 days.    I do have a family, and a business, and living up to the expectations of my wife, it really leaves me with little time to just “write” if you will.   As such, when I do post a particular post and I find it not widely viewed, I am always a bit surprised. 

Pls go back when you have time and view the video :

damn thing is only 6 minutes long, and it’s rather amusing.

Future Posts

I was glad to finally get the post on Australia out the door.  It had been lingering for quite awhile in my head.  However, upon reading several news posts on Australia over the course of a few days, I was finally able to muster the energy to write it up.   Keep in mind it takes me 3-4 days to write a post, edit the thing, let it “sit”, etc.  It’s not something I just write out in one sitting. ( This post took four days.)

Esp the post on Australia.  Having read with some amusement the apparent dislike some Aussies have of Halloween certainly helped.   But I did need a few days to look stuff up.  I was just shocked to discover the figure that Aussie-Sino trade is 10% of Australia’s entire GDP!  Holy Cow.  

Future posts include a bit on India and China(distant future), Corruption(near future), and yes, my escapades within the Middle Kingdom.   The latter I could write abt all day long, and probably double if not triple my views.  (But than I'd be just another laowai wouldn't I?)  Don’t forget My Opus.  (It will win me the Pulitzer I’m sure.  There is one for China Blogging, yes? ) If I’m going to write an honest blog about life in China for a businessman, I would be very dishonest and overtly politically correct to ignore such an aspect.   Yes, it will probably doom me from the “inner circle” of Sino Crazed Experts, but that’s ok.   

The Crazies

Why is it the Crazies never come out to post an opinion when I talk about $1000 vacuum cleaners?  Getting brow beaten to buy a luxury car?   The rampant habit of a Tigermom to physically and emotionally abuse their children?   The Crazies lose all credibility when they criticize one aspect of my life while turning a blind eye to the other.   And that’s all I’ll say about that.

How do you find me?

I understand and accept that the following I have is sometimes accidental at best.  I quite often have folks say something like “I dunno how I got here, but…..” 
I’m always curious as to how readers look my site up.  Most of you type in something like “Chinese KTV” or “Chinese girlfriend”, and the like.
Today however I’m giving First Prize to the fellow that typed “Chinese Wife from Hell”.
He found me right away.

The Inlaws

They came, and now I’m glad their gone.    I’ve written enough about them I think, and even more so, methinks you don’t want to read anymore about them either!!  (sorry about that)

I certainly did not want to give the impression that all Chinese Inlaws are terrible people.  Not the case.  And yes I understand they only have one child(not my fault).

My wife asked them once why she was an only child, and the mother simply replied “me and your dad are not a match…having another didn’t make sense”.    So the bond between my wife and her parents  is very tight.  Does it bother me she values her relationship with her parents more than ours?  

Not really, these two relationships simply should not be compared.   It does bother me though that my value to them as a son in law is based purely on one metric, ie how much $ I make.   They also continue to have an internal angst that will never fade away.  The pedigree of your son in law, or daughter in laws family is always important. (Do I want my daughter to marry a bum?)

The mother in law has never gotten over the fact her daughter did not marry a fellow from a rich family with a Maserati in the garage.   And it’s my fault.  In the eyes of a Chinese, the silliest fault can be easily traced to “an improper background”.  

Cheap Oil

As the USA has now pretty much become energy independent(we still buy a lot of oil from Canada and nearly all of Mexico’s exports are to America….but everyone agrees they will never cut us off), it’s only a matter of time before China and Saudi Arabia become buddy buddy….another post.

$4 trillion in the bank….

That is how much coin China has in the bank, in foreign reserves.   And I still need to boil my water in that country.

The 99 Iphones debacle

This is all the rage.  Some guy went out and bought his gf 99 iphones.  Assuming these were all “NEW”, and the limit in China is the same as anywhere else, that boy has one hell of a smuggling ring.   This is where the West and the East simply fall apart in methods.

For those of you that do not know, a very much in love Chinese fellow went out and bought 99 Iphones, arranging the boxes in a heart.  Then he called her out and proposed.  Several friends were in attendance.   To my sad amusement, she said “NO”.

My first comment is..”It’s not what you have….it’s how you use it, Dumbfuck.”

Why didn’t he spend that money on her for a car?  A down payment for a house?

(Of course I was curious as to how she looked. )

It seems to me the proposal itself wasn’t very classy.   Poor fellow obviously felt he could overwhelm her with a show of wealth.  Brute force.  And he brought out all his friends to witness the event as well.  Somebody gave this guy some very poor advice.    Or maybe he’s just a normal fellow who felt he was simply going about things the normal way.   

Still, give the guy kudos for effort.   Not very romantic though, and that may be the problem.  Lesson learned.

What this shows us in the West is a fellow who obviously believed he could get the girl to say “YES” simply by turning the marriage proposal into a Materialistic Event.   To her everlasting credit, she said NO.   And the West can now for a brief moment stop turning its Nose up at Chinese Girls. 
But what if she had said YES?  (oh Heavens!)

While none of us know the backstory(who knows, maybe she had told him he wasn’t rich enough and this ironically was his way of proving it), this mysterious young lady, unbeknownst to her, has done much (for now), to reverse the trend of Westerners all believing “it’s all about the Money!” when we think of Chinese girls.


  1. Or that was a clever single's day viral marketing ploy. Not that I think for a minute that Chinese girls are materialistic of course....

  2. Women (non-techies) are not into Iphones that much. They are nothing but an accessory. Chinese men on the hand... Actually, he sounds like the worst possible catch for a Chinese women. Boring, and no personality except with not enough money to overlook the personalities flaws.

  3. He should've taken her to Thailand or something. You learn alot abt a future partner when you are forced to spend alot of time together in a "foreign" environment. And yes....it would've been cheaper.


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