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A good protest gone bad

Hong Kong is no what Thoreau had in mind when he advocated Civil Disobedience. A good protest is a terrible thing to waste.  What started out in my mind and probably in others as a well intentioned, typical protest by Youth from another country(er, part of another country), has spun out of control yet again. The Hong Kong Youth I have discussed before, in another post from not too long ago.  They are nothing if not both intelligent and hopeless.  America would do well to take them in, the better to utilize the engineering and math talent so wantonly going to waste 8000 miles from where I write this.  Nevermind the Ambition and Passion for a cause, that every Society needs in order to nurture and replenish its own Spirit. When I went to Hong Kong, it was via bullet train from Guangzhou.  I took the taxi, as it was too early to take the subway, and PAID the price, a ghastly 200 RMB.  What was I to do?   Coming back, the subway only cost $1. Guangzhou has 3 train stations, if not

So I'm Back

Sorry for my long absence, it has been about 6 weeks.  I've been back about a week.  I stubbornly refuse to write or even look at my blog while in Asia.  Much less even think about it, I'm afraid.  Like a good marriage, distance is a good thing. I've had this blog since at least 2012.  But when away for long absences readership does of course take a hit.   Fortunately, I like to write.  It clears my mind, thus one will never see me on Youtube.  When on video does not one lose all anonymity? While away I was able to visit Vietnam as well.  I had a productive trip, going from North China down to Hong Kong, with Hanoi in between.  I have about 4 or 5 posts ready to write, and will try and quickly make up for lost time.  My posts will of course continue to be shorter than the 2000 diatribes I've traditionally written about. All the same, I'm glad to be home.  To the land of 4 seasons and mildly cold weather.  A few quick takeaways: China is for me! My sex li