So I'm Back

Sorry for my long absence, it has been about 6 weeks.  I've been back about a week.  I stubbornly refuse to write or even look at my blog while in Asia.  Much less even think about it, I'm afraid.  Like a good marriage, distance is a good thing.

I've had this blog since at least 2012.  But when away for long absences readership does of course take a hit.   Fortunately, I like to write.  It clears my mind, thus one will never see me on Youtube.  When on video does not one lose all anonymity?

While away I was able to visit Vietnam as well.  I had a productive trip, going from North China down to Hong Kong, with Hanoi in between.  I have about 4 or 5 posts ready to write, and will try and quickly make up for lost time.  My posts will of course continue to be shorter than the 2000 diatribes I've traditionally written about.

All the same, I'm glad to be home.  To the land of 4 seasons and mildly cold weather. 

A few quick takeaways:

China is for me!

My sex life would quite frankly have a major boost if I lived in China.  I was surprised even when in Guangzhou, at the looks I repeatedly received from others.   While it might take me a few months to get settled in, methinks afterwards my sex life would indeed hit afterburner.

China is not for me!

The damn trains, the damn crowds, and the oppressive heat reminded me I am not in my twenties anymore.  Why should I put up with such a lifestyle?  I imagine myself taking Uber more often than not should I live there.  Alas, would I not need to open a bank account and suffer through WeChat?

I feel sorry for all the WC advocates on linkedin continuously espousing how great it is.  It's nothing but a digital way of using cash, ie once you scan, it's gone!  Let me know when WC will allow me to seamlessly use my laowai credit card....then you might be on to something.  Alas, WC was built for Chinese who DO NOT have credit cards!

Still, the trains while so convenient are a necessity.  China is simply too crowded, with too many people.  It must invest in transportation or simply die.   And to this, I give China great credit.

Meanwhile, freedom is.....driving.  Not having to take a train, or rise early to get to a train station.  It is a status symbol actually, that we here take for granted.

The next time someone complains about America and its dearth of trains simply send them to China for a week.  Guangzhou or Shanghai.  Have them take nothing but trains.  Have them stand in line(foreigners cannot buy a ticket online, even if you do, you have to go get in line to pick it up...enjoy!)

Then come back to me about how "great" trains are. 

Does America need a few trains?  Well but of course!  From Dallas to Houston, or LA to San Franciso, or Seattle to Portland, etc.  Absolutely.  But our overall need for trains is well overblown.  Would the Koreans, or Japanese, or Chinese prefer a train over a car on a relatively unclogged highway?  I don't think so.  We simply don't like to share rides with strangers.  Then crowd through turnstiles etc.

Let this not take away from the great advance China has made on trains.  Once I bought my ticket all I needed was my passport to enter and exit.  Of course that's more available up north than south.  Once the the ticket turnstyle simply opened as i approached.  No idea how it knew it was me.

But once the Chinese come to NYC and see how "we" do things, how can they not feel we are oh so backward?   How can they not beat their chest just a wee harder and a wee more proudly than before? 

I reiterate again the need for all Chinese to read 1984, alas this shall never come about.   San Francisco has banned facial recognition technology by the way.  Delta airlines meanwhile embraces it.  Everytime I now board a plane, I have to scan my face.

Democracy and technology will collide.  Great debates will rage.  Chaos will ensue.  The Chinese meanwhile, will simply guide their people through the noise.


  1. Looking forward to the upcoming posts about your time in China.


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