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A Country with Vast Designs

On November 3, 1903, the territory of Panama declared independence from Columbia.   The Columbian gunboat Bogota responded by lobbing shells into Panama City.   Only a few shells were fired, mind you.   And a donkey was killed.   However there was one fatal human casualty.   A Chinese shopkeeper was killed in his sleep. And with that I begin the tale of the slow domination of China over Latin America.   If one simply thinks about it, calmly for a moment, one will see the logic of it all.   Ever since the natural abilities and entrepreneurial spirit of the Chinese has been unleashed since the 1990’s, the Chinese have been able to find their natural calling; business. Still lots of folks see the slowly creeping economic influence of China in black and white terms.   Yet another zero sum game between America and China.    Yet Latin America is simply another soft target for China.   If one understands where the Chinese already have historically dominated, one would not be surpris

So who was worse for China? The Dragon Lady or the crazy ignored wife of Mao?

So who was worse for China, comrades? Cixi or Jiang Qing? Pick your poison? Ok. Cixi was willing at the end of the day to kill her own nephew if that meant getting her way, even in the afterlife.   I’ve been fair with Cixi.   As much as anyone not writing more than a simplistic blog could be.   Cixi was one of the very few females with the opportunity to flash her natural capabilities for the good of China.   I honestly believe she never wanted to be the Dragon Lady behind the curtain.   But her Emperor died young.   Than her son.    And only then did she truly accept her fate.   Her decision making killed millions.    It humiliated China further.   She indeed drained the treasury.    She ordered her tomb destroyed and rebuilt, wasting millions more.   To keep everyone off balance she suddenly flirted with The West. Bu in her old age, her final few breaths, her true colors at last revealed, she killed her own nephew. And not one person tried to stop her.