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Who will take China to the next level?

China was at a turning point 25 years ago, just before I first arrived..  Leadership was in transition. The US Congress was still debating whether to give China MFN status. Foreign companies had yet to flood over in waves.   Shenzhen as an experiment was still in doubt.  And of course China had yet to join the WTO.  What happened?   China took off, and 8% annual growth is now the norm. Millions of Chinese got rich, usu at the health and expense of their factory workers. But now what?  Who will take China to the next level?  The new leader, Mr. Jinping, will obviously be the next ruler of China.   However, we all know he's just head of a committee, rather than an actual ruler with new ideas and initiatives.  He will NOT rule by fiat.  Rather, he will have to rule by consensus, all the while paying attention to the agenda's of his rivals. So who will take China to the next level?  It will be who it always has been, since the days at least of Jiang Zemin.  A nameless, anonymou