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Watch American Factory, and hope this doesn't play out in your town.....

I have finished watching the above documentary.  American Factory.  As usual, I had to break it up into two separate evenings.   But I'm glad I did watch it.  I did not know what I was in for, but having viewed it I have alot to say.   Lots of spoilers below.   It is on Netflix, and no, it is highly unlikely this will ever be released in its present form in China. First of all, most of my viewers recently have been from outside America, so perhaps I should explain;  American Factory can be your town too, in your country as well.  It can be Germany, Australia, anywhere.  Because what takes place in America regarding China is nothing but a hint regarding what happens in Latin America or wherever the Chinese have a large government presence. Having finished watching this documentary, my belief that the Chinese think Americans are dumb and lazy is stronger than ever.   And my belief that way too many Americans are entirely too self-entitled is equally just as strong.

Big Brothers Blood Runs High

People talk about the slow extinction of The White Male in America. As the Indians, the Chinese, all very smart and well educated etc, come to this country, they squeeze out those among us unable to compete.  Simple as that.  I literally know no dumb Indians or Chinese here.  Their English may not be that great.  Their unwillingness to assimilate common.  Their children in turn destined to marry within their own culture. But still, America is a head above the rest because our government allows these uber skilled folks to follow their ambitions and "try to make it" here. The White Man a generation from now will work in an Amazon warehouse.  Maybe be a cop, or in the military.   Maybe a buyer for a company.  But he won't have a future like his grandfather did.  Housing will continue to increase in price, which is ok, because all that fancy new housing won't be built for him anyway.  See above. Can he blame the American companies that hired someone else

Sex with China Wife...An Obituary

Well, it finally happened.  Just as it happened to my mom and dad.   My youngest saw her mom and dad having sex.   I thought I had locked the door.  I did.  But then I must push the door until it clicks shut.  I did not push it far enough.    I remember when I was in 6th grade.  My parents door didn't have a lock.  I walked in and the lights were out and I saw nothing.  But I heard a gasp and was told to close the door.  I remember my dad coming out in his red robe, hair wildly askew, looking real pissed off, and ready to hit someone. He lit a cigarette.   A moment later my mom came out with one of her small robes and said with a matter of fact look, Your daddy was touching me", or something like that.   My mom, perhaps because she was from the South, was simply more open to this type of thing. She simply told me again not to open the door when it was closed.  I remember now as I write this all the times she would say to us kids, "don't ope