Big Brothers Blood Runs High

People talk about the slow extinction of The White Male in America.

As the Indians, the Chinese, all very smart and well educated etc, come to this country, they squeeze out those among us unable to compete.  Simple as that.  I literally know no dumb Indians or Chinese here.  Their English may not be that great.  Their unwillingness to assimilate common.  Their children in turn destined to marry within their own culture.

But still, America is a head above the rest because our government allows these uber skilled folks to follow their ambitions and "try to make it" here.

The White Man a generation from now will work in an Amazon warehouse.  Maybe be a cop, or in the military.   Maybe a buyer for a company.  But he won't have a future like his grandfather did.  Housing will continue to increase in price, which is ok, because all that fancy new housing won't be built for him anyway.  See above.

Can he blame the American companies that hired someone else rather than train him?  Sure....knock yourself out.  Blame them for outsourcing his job to some far away land?  As long as Senior Mgt in a USA company has its bonus tied to company profitability, that will never stop.  Senior Mgt at American companies don't care for you White Male.  They don't.  They care about their ability to buy a Tesla, or send their kids to that uber elite summer camp.  Or their ability to buy their unappreciative daughter yet another Apple laptop.  

You will never enter their consciousness.  So you can accept your fate and go apply for a job down at the local Amazon warehouse, or try and do something about it.

In a nutshell, the above is Hong Kong.  A vast swath of people see no future.  But what they do see is hordes of "immigrants" coming to their hood.  They buy things, and price you out of the market.  They take your jobs.   The only thing they leave you is what you least desire, ie the Hong Kong Woman.  Because Hong Kong Girl hates China Man, and the feeling is oh so mutual.  Hong Kong Man he like China Girl, and China Girl she like Hong Kong Man.  If only because he can give her an "out", ie a better health system in HK.  

I enjoyed my time in Hong Kong.  The company factory was in Shenzhen(Buji, to be exact, which I can now go to via!!), but my life was in Hong Kong.  A 536 sq foot apartment with new wooden floors for the low, low price of 14000 HKD.  There was great Yumcha and a cool game center.  I even lived in the same building as all those fancy Cathay flight attendants.

The demise of Hong Kong's future started in the 80's, and escalated in the 90's.  But still, all the technical talent was still from Hong Kong.  One needed a HK manager in the China factory.   They had not just the engineering talent but the Western business mindset as well.  Fast forward twenty years and guess what....LaoDa has it now too!  China has so much engineering talent; it simply no longer needs Hong Kong.  

As Yantian has grown as a port, it no longer needs Hong Kong as much either for that.  Hong Kong as such now sees itself in a major identity crisis.  Hong Kong as such, really hasn't done a great job taking care of its own.  Sound familiar?   Even the Hong Kong banks are hiring Mainland Chinese, for their sheer talent and of course their connections.   Hong Kong folks are simply no longer needed as the "go between" for both the East and West.  It's painfully over.

However, for some reason, the Chinese just weren't satisfied with castrating Hong Kong's usefulness.  It decided to make it politically impotent as well.  Done.  China rightfully claimed that Great Britain never allowed free elections of the "Governor", why should they?  Fair Point.

And finally Hong Kong is getting itself legally neutered.  And that was finally the last straw.

The Hong Kong Youth, the Middle Class, etc, made a conscious decision to ignore all the good Mainland China brings.  The money, the increase in real estate prices, etc. 

With the exception of that very slim section of Hong Kong's elite, those with factories in China, and all the Chinese mistresses they can handle, the vast majority in Hong Kong simply wish they could turn back the time.  

When I am in China hanging out with Hong Kong men, we all right away start talking about China.  The typical laowai (gwailo) gets judged pretty quickly.  As I've been involved in China for a while, I get a pass.  Without question the Hong Kong men will start complaining about China.  Complaining about everything except the girls.  But now it's changed.  They used to never talk politics.  Without exception we'd talk about how China has changed for the good.   That has changed now.  

As I said earlier, Hong Kong had a chance to welcome with open arms its neighbor from the North.   While the older folks have wisely said that China is not going away, and Hong Kong must learn to adapt, the younger folks simply follow their naive sense of right and wrong.  I find for this reason it is always the youth who have more moral courage than the older generation, but it is moral courage that is more appreciated when it is itself possessed within the random individual of the older generation.

The Middle Class of Hong Kong has thus alienated the Chinese.  There is a mutual disdain for one another.  The Chinese for one find themselves no longer wanting to emulate the Hong Kong'ers.  "Fuck 'em" seems to be more of the attitude.

And I feel with the closing of the HK Airport and the approach of October 1 National Day, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Republic, China's blood will be high.  

The Hong Kong folks need to be careful.  Because an entire population see's Hong Kong as living on its laurels.  Not on its accomplishments.   And in the view of many a Chinese, if not all of them, Hong Kong needs an abrupt reality check.  A cold slap in the face.  A dose of humility.  And nobody in China will cry for Hong Kong when it happens.  

Does anyone notice the irony of the relationship between America and China with the above situation? 


  1. You Def have skills for writing. Yea, indeed, it is irony, yet with much different positioning.

    Think of Germans, they had engineering, they had hard working skills, man power of whole Europe, they even had technological edge, yet all of this was not enough to win a war.

    So why they lost a war ?

    Cause of world order, financial system, and being geographically limited by super powers. Not enough raw materials.

    Can you see similaraties with China ?

    Probably Germans went to war too early, but waiting comes with risk too... Soviets were on the rise.

    Wait 10 year and Chinese will feel same for Indians.

    Germans keep being good engineers and yet their economy in recession again.

    Engineering is over valued. So are Chinese and Indians

  2. I have always been fascinated with the German Russo war on the Eastern Front during WW2. In particular the Battle of Kursk. The Germans had the better equipment, and the captured hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers.

    I think maybe the war with Mother Russia was lost once Hitler delayed the attack 6 weeks. He could've used those six weeks in November. I believe the snows came early that winter in 1941.

    Thanks for the comment!

    1. You comment actually makes me super entertain.

      Firstly my grandfather was veteran of Kursk battle. He told me ground was shaking when tanks move and how Russian fought fiercely. In first week of invasion he got just couple of hours of sleep. When they broke line, Soviets immediately sent new reserves.

      Even being foreigner in German army, my grandfather always talked respected about German military and specially about officers. About order, discipline and codex of war. He was closed to officers, and often mentioned they were annoyed as hell, when Hitler replaced old military greetings with heil Hitler.

      For sure, general Patton was right about defeated wrong enemy.

      Secondly, this is super funny, it was actually
      a post war Yugoslavian propaganda Germans lost cause of those 6 weeks when they had to deal with Balkans. I listened to this in 90s in elementary school, how Yugoslavia and Tito partisans saved world. Is still funny to me.

      One time I asked grandfather why germans lost a war ?

      He responds cause Russians played dirty and Americans were naive enough to helped them.

      China, China, China, I heard it first from my grandfather mouth in 90s, being kiddo. Why everything we buy is made in china now? Listen up women (talking to my grandma) , you stop buying stuff made in china.

      Ofc grandma kept buying cheap products...

      And 20 years later they are long time ago gone, while me being stuck with Chinese wife

    2. Interesting comments about your grandfather....I have a post someday about Russia and China and Japan.....just need to find the are not the only one "hanging in there with your Chinese wife!"

  3. You probably could have created two posts since you covered two important issues. First, the White Man in America issue. The Political Class, and Economic Titans still don't understand what has happened to the white working class in particular to males. This is the main reason Trump is president and why he could win again in 2020. This is a huge issue without a simple answer.

    For Hong Kong, I think you the hit the nail on the head. They have been in a long-term decline from at least the 90s once factories were off-shored to China. They have been able to keep the ship going for another generation because of a mix of finance, tourism, and real-estate. The legal separation between HK and China is the big thing that set off such large protests including lots of groups who usually don't get involved because without the legal separation, HK is doomed economically. If it is in China legally, businesses would rather just move up to Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. For multi-nationals who have the Asia head offices in HK, they don't want to be in China. Thus, they will simply move to Singapore or somewhere else where they can continue to operate freely. The on-going protests have now moved beyond that to other issues like economic inequality, Chinese interference, police issues etc. but the main issue is the downward projection for the future. How it is going to change? It is not even all about China, HK is ridiculously expensive, the English ability has dropped largely, the politicians are beholden to the property developers even more than they are to China, and there is no real economy for the working classes. It is just difficult to see what the plan will be to fix all of this.

    On a happier note, it would be nice to hear more about your time in Hong Kong, and feelings about Hong Kong Women vs. China Girl.

    1. First of all thank you for your reply. I did actually write a post about that many years ago...I may try and find it.....sorry to read your comments on Hong Kong being as gloomy as mine.....


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