Sex with China Wife...An Obituary

Well, it finally happened.  Just as it happened to my mom and dad.  

My youngest saw her mom and dad having sex.  

I thought I had locked the door.  I did.  But then I must push the door until it clicks shut.  I did not push it far enough.   

I remember when I was in 6th grade.  My parents door didn't have a lock.  I walked in and the lights were out and I saw nothing.  But I heard a gasp and was told to close the door.  I remember my dad coming out in his red robe, hair wildly askew, looking real pissed off, and ready to hit someone. He lit a cigarette.   A moment later my mom came out with one of her small robes and said with a matter of fact look,

Your daddy was touching me", or something like that.  

My mom, perhaps because she was from the South, was simply more open to this type of thing.
She simply told me again not to open the door when it was closed. 

I remember now as I write this all the times she would say to us kids, "don't open this door" before her and dad would walk inside.  I guess they didn't have a lock.   As I didn't grow up in the best of circumstances, in retrospect that is not much of a surprise.

But my daughter walked in, ready for her violin lesson.  Didn't even knock.  She just walked in and looked at us for about a full second and change, then closed the door.  China Wife was on top of me, her shirt off, those big tits just taunting me.    We had already been screwing for several minutes.   It seems our sex nowadays is mainly limited to weekend mornings. 

Of course China Wife was pissed.  And blamed me.  And she was right to do so.   But I had told my children to always knock!!!  

But not this time.

I tried to talk about it in the car.

She ignored me.  She wanted to talk about something else.

"Is it true Hitler was on drugs?"

She later revealed she is worried about History Class.

But why I'm writing this is my growing frustration with China Wife.  She just feels that now she is at a certain age she quite simply no longer needs to have sex with.....ME.  Or perhaps ever again.  China Wife is boring.  Doesn't want to swim at the beach.  Or much hike.  Or hit the local bar.  

Tonight she went to Starbucks to hang out with her other boring friends.  All of course whom would fuck me in a minute if they were stuck on a desert island with me and knew they'd never see my wife again. 

China Wife is a prude.  A waste of a perfectly good body.  China's Greatest Shame.  She has a hard time climaxing.  I know it's not me, so don't pile on.  My record with China Girl is 3 times in one session.  So it's China Wife.  

It's funny.  Too funny for everyone else, just not me.  She likes to wear those V necked blouses that ever so gently hint at what is underneath. She has over the last few decades even developed a gentle curve in her ass.  She is slim.  5'2 and 123 pounds.  Most of that in her tits.  

But as I heard once from that underappreciated American Sage, Joe Rogan, "behind every hot chick is  a man tired of fucking her" that I plead guilty.  Please lead me to the nearest gallows.

And I am oh so tired of playing with China Wife.  Why is that?

I must start everything.  
I already know what positions we will use before I initiate.  

I will give her fair props though.  When she agrees to have sex, she sends a signal.  She turns away from me, inviting me to come up behind her.  I undress her, which I've quite frankly grown to resent.  She literally makes no effort to help.  Contrast that China Girl, who undresses ME for crying out loud!

China Wife show no imagination or shall we say, sense of innovation.  In sum, I think China Wife needs to watch porn.   Put WeChat down.  Put the cell down, and go to ChinaWifelearnsSex.Com or something.  

But mentally she has shut down.  She simply feels now she is in middle age, it is no longer appropriate to enjoy sex.  She is like a monk. As for me, I still need it.  And will continue to need it for the for seeing future.  Sex is great.  Healthy, both physically and emotionally.  And I know I'm good at it.  So why stop?  I've got fifteen years of great sex in front of me.  And getting shut down now by China Wife sucks(something else she's forgotten to do).


  1. Are you around 50tish ? My Chinese wife gave a birth a year ago and well...she is not that tight anymore....and neither am particular big with 5 inch girth. In first months of our relation years ago.... oh , she was so tight, I need take some time to put it in. She enjoyed so much,when I stretch her out. What a nice memories.

    I understand now why I took Chinese cultural crap and traditions for years. For sweet tight pussy. I just had few girls, (Iike you I married young and dump), and now my wife feels like others.

    I remember I read here on your blog a year ago"your wife will get old and loose"

    So kids and what a price man pays to have kids and family

  2. I married young and dumb. Just so happens to have been to a Chinese that judges me as we get older to other Chinese couples. What is sad is even now she is always still thinking about Face. Even now. It will never end, and that is hard to accept.


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