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A somewhat spontaneous rant. Oh so very unpremeditated.

(I don’t know what to say about what transpired below.   It wasn’t planned.   Rather, it was quite spontaneous. Spontaneous that is with Chinese Characteristics anyway.  That is, despite all my "spontaneity", it still took me 3-4 days to arrange all my thoughts onto paper.   The first few paragraphs were actually part of my latest post.   But then I veered off into an unplanned rant.   The post I was going to actually write will be the next one….maybe) Originally this blog was to talk more about doing business in China.    I have failed miserably at that.   I look back to the well over 200 posts I have and see only a ghastly few even remotely regarding my business experiences in China.   Instead I’ve gone down the politically incorrect path of talking about the struggles a Western Man has with China Wife.   I readily admit to having mixed feelings about this.   Sometimes I feel I’m Superman and a monument no doubt should be built at the gateway to Luohu to both m

So some guy in NYC was told to go back to China.....

As a lot of you know, a letter from a Chinese American was published in the NY Times this past week.    It was a letter from a pissed off Chinese about how another person told him to leave the country.   “Get the fuck out” basically. And that bothered him.   As it should have.   Because he is American and as American as you and me and anyone else here.   But as a middle aged man who has seen the NY Times publish something similar to this a generation ago, back in the 80’s, can I offer another view? Because the NYT probably isn’t going to. I want to be polite to this Chinese-American who got his feelings hurt.   I want to be sensitive. And I do not want to be apologetic to a white person(of all people!) for their comments.   But at the end of the day I just don’t think this guy is gonna get any sympathy outside of NYC, or Diamond Bar or say even San Franc

Sex with China Wife, Child of the 80's

What to do when China Wife wants to give up sex? China Wife is starting to drop some major hints about our sex life together, and well, I can’t say that makes me a happy camper.   Nor can I say I'm surprised. My wife isn’t ugly.   Far from it.   She has a nice body.   But to Husband of Tigermom, I still need my fix. School days are nigh impossible.   Weekends increase in probability but are still no guarantee.   I won’t say I live for sex, except as some of the readers of this blog would guess that’s a lie.   A big lie.   Sex rocks.   As I’ve written multiple times in the past , China Wife feels the node of her existence is too emotionally pummel not just her kids but her husband as well, in order to better impose her will.   Find me a student of Chinese parents excelling in school and I’ll find you an emotional zombie devoid of both self esteem and confidence.    Long since beaten down by China Mom. This past weekend China Wife tried to beat me down, too.