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My thinking has begun to change

 I've been preparing a new post for awhile now, but this will be one of those times where inspiration pushes it back to the periphery. I've constantly been hearing....reading, about America owning 5% of the global population but 20% of the COVID cases.   And people of course look at other nations such as South Korea and various places in Europe.  And Taiwan(not a nation, I know)....and of course China.   I think it is pretty simple to understand Taiwan, surrounded by water as it is.  But can we really understand why China has so few cases?  This post is not about China's lack of cases, but in short I will give a small reply.  China is "built" for a disaster such as this.  The people are internalized for something such as this.   It is in their wheelhouse.  Control is the "Fabric" in Chinese society.  The Chinese bureaucracy has done a fascinating job organizing society.  The impetus is control over its citizens.  The by product is a safer place.  A more

Wrapping up my Top Ten

 I'm gonna knock out the last two reasons why I may never return to live in China again.  Granted, none of this may come true.  Still..... If I were to be shipped back once again to manage Chinese operations these are the final two reasons I'd definitely hesitate.  This reason to me is really ranked number one in my book;  I wouldn't be able to see my kids.  Simple as that. When I was last sent back to Shenzhen for what would eventually become a six year stint my youngest daughter wasn't even born yet.  And my oldest didn't really even miss me.  She was happy to watch Sponge Bob with her grandparents. My life then was much more crowded than it is now.  I lived in an 1800 sq foot house in a culdesac, with what eventually was 6 people.  Now I have nearly 5000 sq feet and there are only three of us.  It would be difficult for me to give this all up, my books, the weather, and of course the pork!  But the biggest problem of all without question would be the time lost wi

What are those white spots in the sky?

 First of all sorry for my absence. I got locked out of my blogger account. My posts are piling up.  I know if I simply wrote more frequently, that would help.  Alas, the life of a company Director keeps me too busy for now.  I find I simply just can't sit on my sofa with my laptop and knock out posts....sometimes I feel like I'm starting over, actually  Still, I'm happy to have been writing this since August 2012, and still have more posts up than many podcasts have episodes. Before I move on to my bigger topics I've got lined up I really want to continue with Top Ten list of why I may never live in China again..... I call myself a "budding amateur photographer"...I love to write, and to take photos.  Abt 3 weeks ago I went out to the lake.   I waited for sunrise, then waited some more.  Soon it was dark, and not long after it was pitch dark.   The night was black, and finally the stars began to show themselves.   I wound up having the be