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They'll quite possibly delay the Beijing Olympics

 There is now talk that the Tokyo Olympics will be cancelled.  This is bad news. All the effort put into the preparation.  The money, the time, and of course the prestige.  Bottom line is less than 1% of Japan's population(as of this writing), had been vaccinated. There are 100 days to go folks.  Meanwhile, 75% of Japanese want the Games postponed.  I do not believe they will be cancelled.  Simply pushed back a year perhaps? Afterall, why even hold them in an odd numbered year? And who can travel to the Games? The irony of ironies is that America, with its rather competent roll out in full swing, will have no where for its people to go.    But in my view things are going to actually get worse.  Nevermind the meltdown in Brazil(which could have been America perhaps if Trump were still in charge?), or India, the news has just come out that the American Moderna vaccine will need a booster shot in the Summer/Fall timeline. Which means with the possible exception of Pfizer, all current

"Isn't it cool"

 Well, I knew what I wanted to immediately put to paper as soon as China Wife uttered this phrase last night, in the throes of passion. I've been meaning for the past few months, and I'm damn intent on doing so, to put a good post to paper about Russia, and how it will inevitably fuck over China, but alas that will have to wait.   (you heard it here first, The Winter Olympics may also be cancelled) So, back to what I feel the need to write about NOW, I've been "deepening" my carnal knowledge of China Wife for literally decades.   Last night was a breakthrough.  I've long muttered how mechanical in bed she is.  I put it down to her simply being a child of the 80's.   I've admittedly  had sex with other China babes much better in bed than China Wife.   As of last night she is catching up.   Her only viable position is on top. That is fine with me.  She has large breasts and I don't mind.  Though I do mention to her it would be nice to have sex during