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When Chinese argue in America

Have you ever had an argument with China Girl?  Sure you have. It's usually a sharp intense moment, and then if you're grown up, it’s done.  End of Story.  But not for China Girl.  Fuck no.  You see, China Girls blood is up, and she ain't havin' it.  This episode, this scene, this moment in time is not OVER until China Girl says it is.  Understand? First you will give your gentle China Girl a bemused look, sorta how one gives a young child when that young child is "serious" and "stern" with you.   I remember when my five year old insisted I get her makeup when we were both at CVS many, many moons ago.  I got the finger shook at me and everything.  How cute! Well, that was my initial "look" with China Girl.   And this is indeed the way I acted towards China Girl since before we got hitched many millennia ago.  Only over time has it faded.  Have we had shouting matches?  Yeah we have.   Have the kids seen them?  Unfortunately, y

Angst and Myth in China

I've been extremely busy these past few weeks.  Why have I not been writing a post?  Because I'm at home on my desktop, in my basement, communicating with potential Chinese suppliers all night, every night. In my mind, the myth of the Great Chinese Businessman is just that, a damn myth. I find myself dealing with fresh college graduates that don't have a clue, middle aged salesmen that just don't give a fuck anymore, and the forever "if you are American", the price just went up syndrome. I could write a very, very long article on linkedin, but I would just be called "Anti-China", or some other dumb shit.  Let me slow down a bit though, and take a deep breath.  If I only wasn't lazy I'd go back up and grab a glass and pour a sip of MacAllan's Scotch Whisky. Alas, I'd rather write this to calm me down. I'm preparing a trip for China sometime in March.   And trying to source a product of ours that we currently build in th