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On Holiday with the Wife

Travelling with the Mrs….. Recently, we went on a trip down to the southeastern coast.    We’d been up and down this part of the American coast many times.   Lots of great weather, golfing….and one hell of a lot of brown water.   This recent trip was no different.   Some Chinese, when visiting the coastal Southeast, upon seeing brown surf, tend to jump to the immediate conclusion that the water is polluted.   I sometimes think my wife says this just to annoy me.   The water is brown, therefore it must be dirty….(right?) While not happy the water is brown, being so near the delta, low lying marshes, and the accompanying silt, I all the same do disdain the quick jump in logic.   So I say to thee….go to Florida BABY.    Because brown surf just sucks.     I mean, it’s a pinprick in my balloon. One learns a lot when travelling with the Chinese.    I’ve done my fair share.    I’ve done more than my fair share.   ( A Chinese lady I was travelling with once saved

So which China Girl should you marry?

Please write another post on Laowai-Chinese marriage. If you can, please tailor your advice for us laowai folks in their 20s who have careers (non-teaching) in China and speak Chinese. I know that you did one or two posts of comparison in the past, but I somewhat feel that the topic has more to it. First of all, much thx for your comment.  Instead of writing a post, I think it's better I simply take your thoughts below and comment on each one separately.  Not saying my advice will be perfect, but I hope you find it useful.  Here goes. Basically I could see 4 options for myself: 1) ABCs/BBCs etc. - asian body with western mindset. Could easily be screwed over like any Western woman is able to. In China?  If you can find one, sure.  I've yet to ever come across any BBC's(British Born Chinese?) on the mainland. I was thinking the other day in a perfect world it perhaps would've been best for me if I'd been able to have met an ABC from my hometown.   That w

China Wife in our time....the telltale signs

( Holiday has kept me apologies....I do have another post coming up right after this one) Like probably most laowai lucky enough to have cornered a Chinese Woman into marriage, it is inevitable to have comparisons between your wife and perhaps one from your own country.  These are my observations as to a few of the main differences I come across...... If your wife yearns for a luxury car….well, my only advice is resistance is futile.  If you remember I fought a rearguard action for two years.  I lost.  Practicality goes out the window when FACE is involved.  For some reason, my wife, because she is married to a laowai, perhaps feels she needs to compensate by having nicer things than other Chinese around us do.  Nevermind some of her Chinese friends are divorced. Is your wife a kleptomaniac?  Mine is.  Somehow despite having found the cash to buy that luxury car, one still just never has the money for other things. My wife likes to steal those little plast