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We are but estranged lovers

 I'm flustered. Simply flustered. My job is destroying my mental health.  How do I know this? I used to walk a bit less than 2 miles to feel physically good.  Now it stretches over 3 miles before I begin to wear out.  Am I in better shape? Of course not.  It's just the time it takes, the distance it takes to mentally repair myself is longer than it used to be.  Of course, this would all be much easier for me to handle if I could just visit my factories.  Managing a sourcing regime is hard, harder if you are 8000 miles away and unable to have conversations with suppliers face to face.  Fortunately, I do have competent teams on the ground.  Unfortunately, there are instances where experience tells me "truly understanding the situation" requires my presence.  Meanwhile, Thailand (open) and Vietnam (about to open), look pretty enticing.  When China continue to march to the beat of its own drum?  It plays well.  All of China believes "The West" has brought this p

Things me and China Wife argue about

 Hi Everyone. It has been awhile. Dropping a quick post, stealing a moment.  I find myself wanting to write, but honestly, when I am free, writing a post never makes it to the top of my to do list.  Two weeks ago I logged in 57 hours at my job.  Enough said.  I've also felt many of the topics I've wanted to talk about I've already written about before, and I don't want to sound redundant.  Still....I want to talk about China Wife for a moment. As I write this, she is upstairs making lamb.  She asked me when we were shopping earlier today if I'd be interested in having lamb for dinner.  I said sure.  But what I really need is meatloaf.   Still I was excited to be eating lamb....until I noticed she is making lamb with carrots and some type of Chinese radish.  That is, she's making lamb "China style".   All I can do is sigh. "Another waste of meat", I think to myself.  I simply told her I won't eat the carrots and I won't eat the radish,