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Rock on Man

Chinese need approval. They seek acceptance.  They crave validity.  Watching WeChat "channels" has shown me this trend is alive and strong.  WC as such has now become not just a venue for talking with friends, banking etc, but now is the premier avenue for the masses ability to  showcase China while also skewering the decline of the West.  This is popularity driven.  It's just a cool thing to do.  And I must admit, I like watching the videos on WC that do just that.   But before you begin thinking I'm just gonna call out WC as a tool for belittling everything Western, you need to know WC is far more open minded than one might think.  Only a few days ago I saw a video of Fauci and Rand Paul having a near brawl on WC.  The topic  of their conversation is very sensitive to China.  Frankly, I was surprised it was posted.   Surely I wasn't the only one wondering why China doesn't have such blunt political debate as well? I often surf WC before going to bed.  It tak