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China's Next Leader?

In April a fellow named Le Yucheng conducted an interview with America's NBC News.  It was a big deal. Neither Chinese politicians nor diplomats frequently give interviews to the West.  And this is partially the blame of the West.   And also reflective of the inability of the Chinese Marketing Machine to make itself heard.  While the Chinese Narrative within China itself rules supreme, it falls upon death ears beyond its borders. So it was surprising to see an interview take place, albeit in Mandarin.  While the Chinese Government, along with Korea and Japan, continues for some odd reason to strangely be unable to produce fluent English speakers to present their cause to the West(nevermind our even more glaring ineptitude to do the same, in their countries, in their language), it was still quite fresh to finally see a high Chinese government official coming out to speak to a foreign reporter.  Something Jiang Zemin used to do on a regular basis. However, I don't want to t

John Winthrop's Dumpster Fire

I posted on WeChat last week the SpaceX launch, and it was cool.  I remember as a young boy in my hometown the day  a 747 circled our city with a white plane on top.  It was the US Government introducing us all to the Space Shuttle.  I was in the park playing basketball.  We all stopped to take a look. And yeah that was pretty cool, too. For thirty years America had a Space Shuttle. Then some incompetent punk ass bureaucrat thought it would be even more awesome to let the Russians (Gasp!) take over the role of launching Americans into space.  How humiliating.  Utterly, fucking humiliating.  And that shit went on for nine long years. So anyway I watched the launch, and Thank God nothing blew up.  And I posted a short clip on WC. And I got zero likes. And I wasn't all. I think I've received zero likes only once before, and I can't even remember when that was. The Chinese without question consider America not only their chief rival, but the main o