John Winthrop's Dumpster Fire

I posted on WeChat last week the SpaceX launch, and it was cool.  I remember as a young boy in my hometown the day  a 747 circled our city with a white plane on top.  It was the US Government introducing us all to the Space Shuttle.  I was in the park playing basketball.  We all stopped to take a look.

And yeah that was pretty cool, too.

For thirty years America had a Space Shuttle. Then some incompetent punk ass bureaucrat thought it would be even more awesome to let the Russians (Gasp!) take over the role of launching Americans into space.  How humiliating.  Utterly, fucking humiliating.  And that shit went on for nine long years.

So anyway I watched the launch, and Thank God nothing blew up.  And I posted a short clip on WC.

And I got zero likes.

And I wasn't all.

I think I've received zero likes only once before, and I can't even remember when that was.

The Chinese without question consider America not only their chief rival, but the main obstacle in their pathway to the throne.   They're about to ascend the steps, but this awesome being with superpowers just stands in their way and they know within the shadows of that red head of theirs they ain't ever getting up those tiny steps to that velvet seat, baby.  It's just not gonna get done.

And just when they are about to accept their place in the world, ie forever behind America's,
yet another cop kills a black man.  And one hundred thousand plus people die from a virus, and America just explodes again.

And then just like that The Chinese Dream seems like a real possibility after all.

I don't know what is dumber, I really don't:  a black man resisting arrest, or a dumb white cop just going out of his way to kill a black dude.  Only in America could a black man die over selling a counterfeit $20.   Or for selling "contraband cigarettes"(whatever those are)

Who wins here?  We as a Society do not, but I can tell you who does...

China's well entrenched narrative of how America really is.

Let's get real;  We want China to fear us, to like us, and to respect us. 

Doesn't anyone even think that will happen as long as President Goofball is still our leader?

Americans are too ignorant about China to fight back.  They know nothing of Tibet or of what is going down in Xinjiang.  Nobody cares.  People are busy with life over here.  People are busy with life in your country, too.  No matter where you live,  people are just overwhelmed with getting by, without getting bored.

In short, the Chinese are far more fascinated about life in America than we are about life over there.  But give us credit though.  Far more Americans know who the leader of China is, than say even a decade ago.

The Chinese try and tell themselves they like Foreigners.  99% of Chinese that have a negative opinion of America have never met one, much less spoken nary a word in Mandarin to one.   I'm quite confident after having met me, spoken with me, had a meeting with me, that said Chinese has probably lived the rest of their life without speaking to another barbarian again.

Disdain for America is eyebrow deep.  But by saying they "like" Europeans, they therefore are able to justify their disgust for "us".   

Such as nothing good ever happens after midnight, nothing good ever comes out of personalizing things.  But this is logic that simply does work with the Nationalistic Youth of China and the Political Class of America today.

If the Chinese could just "wish us away", they would.  If it was simple as "poof", it would have been done already.  Alas magic wands are not part of China's lore.

Still, if one just paid attention, one would clearly see things are going bad for China right now.  Things economically in China haven't been this bad since perhaps the 80's.  Economically, and perhaps socially as well.  The Chinese are looked upon as carriers of disease, and quite possibly thieves.  The Chinese when travelling overseas bear a stigma. Chinese returning to China from America often have their bags checked, as many have been caught with "borrowed" intellectual property.  Remember the Black Death also started in China.  It's not propaganda, it's just fact.

Many Americans today are quite simply unwelcome in China.  (English teacher, I'm talking to you.)
The Heavenly Kingdom is rapidly emptying of people from America.

The Chinese Navy has now basically given up the naval arms race against America.  Why?  It ran out  of money.  But never mind the lack of cold, hard cash.  The Chinese stealth fighters lack proper engines, and thus aren't invisible.   And the Chinese ski jump carrier flight decks mean their fighters can't take off with a full load of fuel and weapons.  And if you ain't got carriers, you ain't got a Navy.

Trump meanwhile is a crazy war dog that will spend every last dime America has on weapons and more weapons.  To hell with anything else.  That's just how Trumpboy rolls.

So while China is sinking fast, those images of our cops doing "what they do" is yet another "plum from Heaven" for the Chinese Machine. 

Excuse the Chinese for thinking we are a tad more than "fucked up".  A long time ago I compared China to a drunken man high on drugs, with an electric saw rampaging through the forest.  Right phrase, wrong country.

Seriously, how can anybody in the world not look at us and wonder if we are a nation figuratively on drugs?   Why would any Society, propaganda or not, actually think we are a Nation for others to model themselves after?  Shining city on the hill?  Excuse me?

John Winthrop, that was so "yesterday".

Just call us "America the Dumpster Fire", thank you very much.


  1. Trump is a mad dog. He is old dude with wounded ego and nothing to lose.

    No matter result, I am positive Donald will have beef noodles in Taiwan.


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