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I tell myself it is not as bad as it seems...

(I'm two thirds complete with a new post, when upon after a few days of reflection the feeling just hit me to write this.  My other post will be next up.) This is a tough time for America.  Right now.  This moment.  I profess to not understanding what my readers in Russia, or Cambodia or Laos go through.   No idea.  Every country has its own struggles.  But like you and how you feel about your own situation in your country, I’m sure our struggles in America right now are unique. Living in America is living in the world’s largest reality show.   Something life Flavor Flav…”Flavor of Love”.   I fucking loved that show and I recommend to everyone to figure out a way to watch it.   It was sad watching semi respectable women slut themselves out for a chance to bed their way to marriage with Flavor Flav.  And I ate it up.    Still, if I was the last man on Earth and lived in a cave after the apocalypse I’d be content watching that show.   What possessed women to act that way?

Letter to China Wife

Let’s face it.  After much thought and consideration, I’ve concluded Me and China Girl are not fit for each other.   I’ve written about this before(somewhere deep in the blog, I know not where), but all I can say is that experience tells me so. Maybe it’s a cultural thing.  Maybe I’m simply blinded by the fact I’m with an old school, spoiled and very much self entitled China Woman.   Someone who freely admits “I’m glad I grew up without siblings, that way I got everything I wanted in life.” I sit in a parking lot as I write this.  I have a two hour wait ahead of me.  I’ve just driven my daughter 25 miles to a Saturday SAT class.  Yes, she is now preparing(yet again) for a test still two years off in the distance.   Yet while I want my daughter to exceed and do well, will I really be upset if I can avoid paying $45,000 a year in out of state tuition? I know which questions not to ask(“are there any white kids in the class?”) Instead I go the surreptitious route: “Al


I think it’s time to write this tale, about a girl I knew.  Thus the delay on this particular post. Because writing what I want to write about, regarding China Girl is never easy.  Not short.  This will probably as such be a long post.   It was never a love story.  Yet how we met and what transpired will reinforce to many the stereotypes most folks have of both the laowai and China Girl. I’ve wrote of Lin .   The outwardly conservative, very successful business lady who couldn’t find a man. I’ve written of the emotionally abused gir l whose mother used violence to channel her frustrations at her daughter’s unwillingness to marry at such a young age. Now it’s time for the girl with no name.  Simply because I’ve forgotten it.   Yeah, her name was probably worth remembering.  And that’s on me.  About a decade ago, a bit more, I went to a club called YES.  It’s in the Luohu district of Shenzhen.  It’s an older club.  It’s also a place for people like me.  Middle aged folks