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Jiang Qing comes to Yanan

The obvious thing to say is that Jiang Qing in hindsight had no chance.   She was oil and well everyone else was water.    A Shanghai “adulteress” whom all of a sudden is a fervent Party Member.    Yet another pretty face wanting to gain acceptance without having paid her dues. This was a woman whom in a fleeting moment of affection for her boyfriend and nothing more had sworn her allegiance to Communism, then in only a few short years marched off to be an actress in the Gomorrah of China itself, Shanghai.   In the interim, between 1931 and 1937 she had done nothing for The Party.   Nothing for China.    Everything she had done was for Li Yunhe, and now Jiang Qing.   And to top it off in no time at all she’s bedding The Big Enchilada himself, Mr. Mao.    Quite possibly someone she had never even heard of, let alone knew what he looked like until after her arrival to Yanan. (In better times......much better times.) As I hinted at in part one, the hypocrisy of th


李叔蒙 (Li Shumeng) was the daughter of a carpenter and a concubine.    We in the West would call her an illegitimate child today, even if it is a phrase best used for another time.    But China, even   circa 1914, still had concubines.    And to be the child of a concubine (not to be confused with whore or prostitute) was an all too common occurrence in pre-Communist China.    After all, concubines in China were not paid for sex per transaction, nor did they have other sexual partners.    And they also lived with their master. As such I would struggle with folks thinking or believing that Ms. Li  was born into an impoverished household. I give slavery in the American South as an example.   While most people believe every Southerner in America during the time of slavery owned a slave, far from it.   Rather only 5% of all Southerners and 25% of all households actually owned a slave.    So it was with owning a concubine in China.   If concubines were so prevalent then why the n


While in China I visited several cities, many an airport and tarmac and yes, did encounter a few delays.    But one city I’ve somewhat grown fond of is Ningbo.   Don’t get me wrong, it is a somewhat boring city.   The nightlife seems to be situated in one area, which is convenient, but scarce.    And the lighting of the bridges at night is well worth the visit.    I’d actually encourage all of you to visit Ningbo, at least for a long weekend.   Stay in the Shangri-la like I did and get a great view of the three rivers converging.   三江口。 There is also an older looking church with a nice façade that I would recommend.    Anyway, the Chinese have done an excellent job marketing each of the cities I was in.   Regardless of how small the city, there was a concerted effort by the local Chinese government to at least make one area of town marketable.    For tourism or what have you, or a simple walk with family or your lover at night. Wuxi and Ningbo, along with Wenzhou all

I'm back...

First of all much thx to you all for not deserting this blog and abandoning me!! I've been back now a bit over a week.  I actually had been back 48 hours when the China Wife reminded me we had a guest coming over.  For a month.  (SIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGHHHH) I'm a high maintenance fool, and I like to be paid attention to once in awhile.  Unfortunately, this dude and his son are here for a whole month, so his son can go to English daycare. He and my wife are childhood friends.  Still, she fawns over him left and right, and well, as for me, "I can't get no satisfaction", and I'll leave it at that. He did bring over $4000 for my two daughters.....2 grand each, which I told my wife to return.  I've written about this ad nauseum folks. I do have one post I want to get out asap, and after that By God, on to JQ!