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More Like China

 I don't know where to start with this.  Everyday seems to have a new, "didn't see this coming",  take from the Heavenly Kingdom.   It is a marvel to observe.  Before our very eyes we are seeing social engineering in action, and on a national scale. First tutoring schools are banned from making profits.  Now kids cannot play video games. Ok.....but then the "niangpao" are not allowed to be on TV anymore.  These are effeminate looking and acting men.  Feminine Boys, if you will.    Famous actresses have been banned from TV, and actresses guilty of tax evasion have been hauled in. I have a few thoughts here..... What the hell is going on?  And.... I like it. Ignore the chaff, folks.  Admire the method.   If China was an American company, the CEO would be fired for political incorrectness.  For "shaming".  China's "get shit done", mantra is refreshing.   To hell with the feelings of others.  It really is all about the result folks.  Don&