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 I don't know where to start with this.  Everyday seems to have a new, "didn't see this coming",  take from the Heavenly Kingdom.   It is a marvel to observe.  Before our very eyes we are seeing social engineering in action, and on a national scale.

First tutoring schools are banned from making profits. 

Now kids cannot play video games.

Ok.....but then the "niangpao" are not allowed to be on TV anymore.  These are effeminate looking and acting men.  Feminine Boys, if you will.   

Famous actresses have been banned from TV, and actresses guilty of tax evasion have been hauled in.

I have a few thoughts here.....

What the hell is going on?  And....

I like it.

Ignore the chaff, folks.  Admire the method.   If China was an American company, the CEO would be fired for political incorrectness.  For "shaming". 

China's "get shit done", mantra is refreshing.   To hell with the feelings of others.  It really is all about the result folks.  Don't let anyone tell you different.  

All this "it's all about the journey", nonsense only matters if you were the one that didn't get that promotion, or didn't pick that girl up at the bar last weekend.  In a word, it's a phrase for people with no vision, no hope for immediate payoff in life.   Even worse, it's about all of us that have worked so hard in life,  only to leave the bosses office at the end of the year with that 1% raise. 

China is doing what America only wishes it could.  Mired  eyeball deep in the messy politics of decision making, America only shakes its head as China get's shit done.  China is once again  really making "US" look  decrepit and obsolete in our decision making process.   We suck.

China is nothing more than looking out for it's citizenry.  It is getting geared up for competition with America.

The problem with the West is we have too much damn freedom.  We're like Paris Hilton, bored with a full stomach and a pretty face,  nothing to do for the rest of our lives.  Satisfied.   Everyday we can have chocolate cake for breakfast.   There is only so much good we can say about China, and a hell of alot to scorn, but look at us for a moment.  

Is there a drug problem in your Western country?  Maybe an inequality problem too?

Everyone with a head not buried in the sand, I give you America:

Drugs everywhere, guns everywhere.   How has America changed?  Simply watch a movie not made perhaps twenty years ago.  Where instead of automatic weapons to solve a feud,  "mere" handguns are used.  

Listen to Hank Williams "Country boy can survive"...where Hank laments the death of his friend at the hands of a switchblade knife.  A fucking knife!

Today Biden announced every company in America with more than 100 employees will need to get the shot.   Nevermind the announcement, admire the "in your face" courage to make the obvious decision.  What is the irony here?

We asked China thirty years ago to become more like us. A President with a good heart spent less than two years in China and came away thinking he could change a 5000 year culture, even bend it to our will.   That folks, is called "hubris".   All the while China realized the only way the CCP could stay in power was by focusing the people on an outward enemy. 

Turns out maybe China is changing us.  Want to unite America?  Or even the West?  Focus on China.  Sound familiar?   When Biden acted unilaterally today, it was a shock. So Un American.  No debate, no press conference, no angst.  In a word, maybe, just maybe he's influenced by China?

Again, I can't fault a country that wants to break out of the grip of the rich and wealthy.  31% of American wealth is owned by 1% of our people.   That's not just inequality, that's a cancer.  And if you think "that's just Capitalism Man", you're not just ignorant but very poorly educated.  

China has the same problem, and their doing something about it.  Yeah, I know, it's not that simple. I get it.  China's elite see the rich and powerful as a challenge to their rule.  Nothing more nothing less.  Ma Yun is a very patriotic Chinese.  But that doesn't make him a cowering Yes Man either.  Immovable Force vs Irresistable Object? Who's gonna win that contest?  Whomever the CCP wants to, that's who.

I'm suddenly more interested in China then I was a few weeks ago. There's something to be said about a country trying to change things for the better.   If China had America's "freedoms" it simply wouldn't exist as the China we know today.   Indeed, China wouldn't even be recognizable.  The best and worst thing that ever happened to China was the Communist Party. 

But don't sneer at China today.  At least they are making an effort to fix their problems.  Over here from where I sit in America, moments away from another conference call with the Middle Kingdom, I'm a very jealous laowai.  


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