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Unanswered Questions for the New Year.... 2016 Edition

What will the West do when China triples the size of its Navy within 20 years?   Will Korea over the next several years make a break with America and become more openly Pro China, ie acquiesce to China’s demands, with the sole view of regaining North Korea on its terms?     Some folks call this Blackmail. Will a new anti China alliance begin in the Pacific?   Japan, America, Australia, Philippines and  Vietnam (Korea?)?   with the sole public goal of “containing China”? How will Japan respond after China’s 100 th or so violation of Japan’s 12 nautical mile territorial zone…? Will America abandon the Pacific to China and leave Japan and everyone else to whither on the vine? Will China go nuclear against America should America annihilate China’s navy in a battle?    Losing  Public Face is such a nasty thing…. Will my readers still be infatuated with marrying China Girl?   (Sigh……I think so) Will China Girl finally “get over” her “thing” for Lao

Dark New World

A country, a nation with a sense of destiny is nothing really.    Like a small boy boasting about someday “being somebody”, it is ignored by passersby, and those with prosperity and swagger already in ample possession.    As such, the Old South of pre 1860 America comes to mind.     A sense of purpose, yes, a way of life dear to it, without question.    But the power to enforce its will upon others, not a chance.   But what if that nation with the sense of purpose and being is strong?   Than therefore it is not weak, and its viewpoint must not only be recognized, but taken seriously.    And perhaps even…..feared. It is simply astonishing how fast, how far China has come from those days in 1989 when it seemed China’s economic future as a nation rested on its ability to convince a group of white men to do a simple thing, every year.    That being to renew their “MFN” status.    Without it, China’s economy simply could not perform the takeoff needed.    It was then one of the

One last rant at you know who....

Before I dive into my next heavy and self important post that will have nothing to do with either sex or China Girl, a recent even has forced me to drop what I really want to do, and write about.  I've again the sudden urge to once again let readers know, based on my experiences only, what absolutely must be done before all of you know it all yet unassuming laowai take the plunge with China Chick. Yeah I get it;   you’ve all read my post “that deserves no link” about what type of China Chick to marry.   It’s my most popular post hands down.    I’d like to think I gave some good advice there.   For instance, never in a fucking million years marry an only child. (I indirectly pay for this mistake every day) I’d like to think most of you pretty much agree with “The Jist” of what I’ve been trying to get across.     Though one thing I probably should’ve clarified is that these types of posts apply to young, single, never been married China Chicks.    Not the divorc