Unanswered Questions for the New Year.... 2016 Edition

What will the West do when China triples the size of its Navy within 20 years? 

Will Korea over the next several years make a break with America and become more openly Pro China, ie acquiesce to China’s demands, with the sole view of regaining North Korea on its terms?   

Some folks call this Blackmail.

Will a new anti China alliance begin in the Pacific?  Japan, America, Australia, Philippines and 

Vietnam (Korea?)?  with the sole public goal of “containing China”?

How will Japan respond after China’s 100th or so violation of Japan’s 12 nautical mile territorial zone…?

Will America abandon the Pacific to China and leave Japan and everyone else to whither on the vine?

Will China go nuclear against America should America annihilate China’s navy in a battle?   Losing 
Public Face is such a nasty thing….

Will my readers still be infatuated with marrying China Girl?  (Sigh……I think so)

Will China Girl finally “get over” her “thing” for Laowai? (probably not)

Will Fontenot finally stop his incessant bitching about his inlaws this upcoming year?   Will the poor lad ever just stop bitching?

Can Fontenot and China Wife make it through one more year?

Will Fontenot finally win his Pulitzer this year? 

Will Fontenot be able to keep up his pace of regular posting without collapsing from exhaustion?

And finally….will this be the year the West finally admits it DOES NOT know China?  And stops hurting the feelings of the Chinese People????


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