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A quick couple of cliches for the Kids out there......

This may come as a shock to some of my readers, but the Internet at one time did not actually exist.  A few of us are actually older than the internet as we know it today.   Case in point, I still claim the most useful class I took in High School was typing class.  My teacher was neither sociable nor overfriendly, but she got the job done, and I’m still using my typing skills today. The internet has changed life itself.  It has broken down barriers.   It has annihilated the monopoly of the elites of “Information” itself.   As I like to frequently point out, for example, it has reduced the status of the Harvard Chinese Studies PhD(to his chagrin, I’m sure) to nothing more than that of yet another common blogger on China.  It has greatly diminished “Status”, and levelled the playing field on access to information. One thing in particular it has done is to make doing business easier.   It has greatly simplified the supply chain, and wiped out the middleman.   This has led to…..

Rage and Confusion of the Laowai Libido

Sex with the middle aged China Woman.   What to say?  (I struggled several days with this post.  It's been in me for quite awhile.  I'm glad to finally put it on paper.) Not a lot I’m afraid.   It’s all hit or miss to be honest.   I mean….how can sex with a 40 something compare to sex with a 20 something…..? Wait a moment….actually it can. Having a sexual relationship with a twenty something is usually a physical fling.  Nothing more.  She’s curious.  You are convenient.   Twenty somethings see us laowai as a respite from the rigors of Chinese suitors.   Chinese Men are too focused on getting married.   We see them as arm candy when we walk into a club, or any public place full of MEN. However, sex with middle aged China Woman is more often than not emotionally fulfilling.   Less needs to be discussed, less needs to be explained.  (she isn’t going to ask me to hold her purse!) There is an attraction with a middle aged lady that a twenty something simply c

The Two Epic Retreats that Created Nations

The Long March in China is the most famous event in Communist Red Army annals. While decimating the strength of the Red Army, it indirectly gave birth to a nation.   It lives on today in movies, propaganda, etc.  One can still read in the papers the obituaries of certain people(“He was a long marcher”).   Still, China was not the only nation to undergo a “long march”.  Another nation, itself equally not yet born, itself underwent a march of retreat, chased by a regular army, and labeled “rebels”.  It’s march was led by George Washington, and we all know the conclusion.   There are many similarities between the two. Rarely noticed, much less spoken of.  Here are a few: A retreat, not a march There are great similarities between the march of the CCP and that of the American “rebels”.  Firstly, they were without question both a long retreat, for their time, chased by superior numbers, and in every sense of the word, by “better” troops.  The retreats were both involuntary, and

Time for more fluff......

Alright folks, time to catch up a bit. First of all, a happy shout out to the newer countries/places for following my blog: Aruba….(keeping up with this blog on the beach, eh?) Congo, Zambia, Qatar, Croatia, Iran, New Caledonia(yep), Ukraine(glad you guys have time to read), and Moldova! I’m still waiting on North Korea. My overseas readers now upon occasion surpass my American readers.   At one time this was a 80-90% US dominated blog….but not anymore.  (One thing I really wish I could do is filter my American views by State, but I don’t know how to do that.) As you may have noticed, work has kept me from keeping up with the frequency of posts that I’d like to maintain.   For example, I did some consulting work for a major telecommunications company a few weeks ago, and as you can imagine, this type of thing, with the revenue potential involved, really commands my focus.  My feeling however, is that I do have over 100 posts on my blog….(around 120 or so),