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"I love you more"

 We Americans.  We have too much emotion. Too many of us wear our hearts on our sleeve.  We are too public in my view, way too public with our expressions.  Subtlety doesn't exist in America. In China, as I've said countless times, China Wife never saw her parents kiss or hug or hold hands.  She never once saw PDA growing up.  I for one, saw my mom nude countless times growing up.  Like probably most of us, I've even walked in on my mom and dad while they were having too much fun.  I angered my dad while my mom simply came out and told us to never come in.  My parents I guess didn't have locks on their door. And it even happened to China Wife and myself once, when I had thought I had locked the door.  All my young daughter saw of course was the back of her mother on top of me.  She stared for a moment, and closed the door behind her.  My wife was angry at me but I could care less.  Kids gotta grow up.  It's a ritual.   Well I must admit the older I am the more I lik