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Quick rant on this damn virus and Trump

As luck would have it, I am indeed now in the medical supply business.  Currently stamping my authority on my two teams in the field. Two weeks ago I knew jackall about the medical supply business.  Now I feel it's more than middlin'. You all know I mock Trump.  But no man is neither pure sinner nor saint.  But in good times any President can look good.  It's when times are of course bad, that dumbasses stand out.  And Trump is a dumbass.  His refusal today to announce a decision to divert our mfg resources to the "Cause" is more symbolic than substance.   His answer that he's not in the business of "nationalizing industries" is stupid.  However, I'm not upset at him for being stupid.  I've always known this.  I am upset at his advisors, such as Pence, obviously the more capable of the two, who fail to sway him.  But the books will come out someday about this time, and their grandchildren will be the one's having to live them down.  

This is where the story begins

For way too long I've talked about my daughters impending application to American university.  I've moaned and groaned about the countless 45 minute drives one way to a stupid, useless, money grubbing SAT training school, which itself wouldn't feel complete unless it could brag about all the young high school Chinese it had streaming in and out of it's low slung brick building day after day, especially on weekends. Weekends I'd much rather spend watching football.  Or hiking, or quite frankly doing anything else.  Alas, there are no "soccer mom's" when China Wife is concerned, only "soccer dad's".   I make the drive.  The summer drives are the worst.  The humidity in the American South is not fun.  Not so much the stickiness but the constant need for air conditioning while driving.  Turn it off but for a moment....and in an instant it is hot again. Often I am carpooling several kids.  Boys, girls.  All quiet and staring at their phon