Quick rant on this damn virus and Trump

As luck would have it, I am indeed now in the medical supply business.  Currently stamping my authority on my two teams in the field. Two weeks ago I knew jackall about the medical supply business.  Now I feel it's more than middlin'.

You all know I mock Trump.  But no man is neither pure sinner nor saint.  But in good times any President can look good.  It's when times are of course bad, that dumbasses stand out.  And Trump is a dumbass.  His refusal today to announce a decision to divert our mfg resources to the "Cause" is more symbolic than substance.   His answer that he's not in the business of "nationalizing industries" is stupid.  However, I'm not upset at him for being stupid.  I've always known this.  I am upset at his advisors, such as Pence, obviously the more capable of the two, who fail to sway him.  But the books will come out someday about this time, and their grandchildren will be the one's having to live them down.  

Don't believe me?  When is the last time you ever heard of Nixon's grandkids, etc?  All living in seclusion somewhere. 

Let's say Trump was to say "hey, let's go build these medical supplies!"

Guess what?  It would be a wasted moment.  Because the Chinese are already ramped up and ready to go.  What we want Trump to do, the Chinese have already done for us.  The biggest factories in China, that are Chinese owned, have already had their production lines confiscated for product.  And now that China seems to be ok, they are simply selling overseas.   There are more efficient and quicker to market than we are.  

We can use them all now.  This is where Trump would come in handy.  All he has to do is use the bargaining power of America to go to China and say "cut me a PO for 1 billion N95 masks".  That's it.  It would be a govt to govt transaction.  Everyone wins. 

Right now those masks matter.  These are the best masks available. They currently cost around $1.75 retail.  Uncle Sam could probably get them under a $1 each.  Then distribute them.  He could negotiate for American C-130's to land in China, pick them up, and fly back out.  Or he could confiscate UPS and Fedx airplanes.  But wait, those guys are Republicans, so that would never happen.

Meanwhile all the rich hospitals in NY are cutting wires for millions everyday, paying $5 for those masks.  Everything under the sun is needed.  Swabs, thermometers, etc.  But because Trump has no vision, and he is surrounded by weak men, the market fills the vacuum. There are dozens of American trading co's that specialize in medical supplies buying this stuff up.  Everyone of them getting gouged by some punkass Chinese mfg co owned by a guy with an 8th grade education.   And they are in turn working 18 hours a day to save these the biggest hospitals in every large American city.  

Meanwhile, while NYC get's what it needs, all those GOP states....well, their small, and as the nation isn't buying for them, they get nothing, but the counterfeit stuff.  Why is that?  Because too few people in our country know how to deal with the Chinese.  I'm aghast at how many "VP's of Strategic Sourcing" there are out there willing to let me buy their stuff for them.

6 months ago a basic mask was 3 cents. Today their .50 cents each. 

But this is only Chapter one.  Once America gets back on it's feet, sorta, will be probably July/August timeframe.  Then all those gov't officials will begin to count the cost.   The increase in debt, the silliness of allowing companies to use their tax cuts on stock buybacks rather than on their people. All those hundreds of billions just thrown away.  America and the rest of the world will want Chinese reparations.  The Chinese will be gloating about their system and it's superiority.  That's when the movie begins. 

But want I really want to do is look all those Republicans in the face from Idaho, the Dakota's etc, that got fucked by Trump because he wouldn't use his power to help them.  Hopefully they are safe and no loved ones died.  But I want to hear them express their satisfaction with our Modern Day Hoover then. 


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