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Standing in line.....

My father is well advanced in his old age.    Like every child with an aging parent, housing becomes an issue.   Where will he live, who will be there to care for him, etc……?    With this in mind, I finally faced up to my fathers need for assisted living.    Despite his refusal for such an accommodation, I insisted on at least doing the research.    Within a few days I learned a lot about how America works.    And of course how China is involved. There are a few types of housing suitable for my dad.    One is simply put, a retirement home.   Just a bunch of condos for old people, really.    These however, range from several thousand a month to “only” $3000 or so.   Too pricey.   All with a hefty deposit required.   These are profit centers.   Privately managed.    Fair enough.    Many folks simply sell their homes, take the money…..and come here. Next I looked at subsidized “senior housing” for those 62 and over.    Hmmm…..ok, something dad can afford.    I called

Chinese just aren't as impressed anymore

I know a Chinese lady from Qingdao that lives in in Los Angeles.    Works in my industry.    Married to a European.    On the phone awhile back she simply mentioned to me, “America isn’t what I thought it would be.” Through no surprise of my own, I find that Chinese are increasingly just not that impressed with America.    Especially The Young.   They come here to study, graduate, than leave.   I think this is a trend that will continue to grow, rather than decrease. For some reason, today’s Chinese are a bit disappointed when they “show up”, here.   Our country(and quite possibly yours as well) just doesn’t “impress” as much.   What gives? One could say the Chinese “just don’t get it”, and I would agree. Yet, I also understand their point of view.   Most of the young Chinese coming here today are fuerdai, that is they are from wealthy parents, and they view America more as a stop than a destination.   They are not like the Chinese that came here in the

China and it's maddenly lack of self introspection

Dan Carlin comments on one of his podcasts that a nation only changes when the “tipping point” of violence has been reached.   I’ve spoken in the past of the need for China to develop a sense of introspection.    The talent for self-reflection, with the goal of moral betterment.   All nations, great or small, young or old, just like people, need this ability to not just better it’s people’s sense of social progress, but perhaps ultimately, to survive. (for a couple of years now I've spoken of "my opus" it is....) The ability as a nation to “lay on the couch”, so to speak, is a necessary condition.   Without it, there can be no lessons learned from the Past.   No ability to swerve around obstacles in the Future.     Thus no reform, no sense of regret.   What is a necessary condition of introspection and self-reflection?   I believe there are two:   a free press, and the infliction of great social upheaval, so great that the “social order” itself